15 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear Repair

15 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear Repair

15 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear Repair


15 Weeks Post Distal BicepTear Repair pinterest thumbnailYesterday marks exactly 15 weeks since my Distal Bicep Tear Repair Surgery (bottom right) and 18 weeks from the injury (upper right)

I believe things in life happen FOR Us not TO us and I’m sure I’ll have to remind myself of that many times in the future too!

What I learned from all this:

1. I took my body for granted. Dang the complaints about my arms prior… I never appreciated before what my arms DID for me.

2. I miss handwriting (can’t do it yet)
I miss using a fork (can’t use it properly yet)
I miss carrying things heavier than 5 lbs with my right arm.

3. Gratitude. There are gifts in everything! I thought I knew pain with my disc rupture prior… nope! This takes the cake. I now understand chronic pain and nerve pain and what it takes to work through it… physically AND mentally. now understand my clients more. I now understand people more and have so much more compassion.

My healing (bicep) has progressed amazing! I attribute that to:

  • A great surgeon
  • A great physical therapist
  • Daily Visualization exercise
  • Hypnosis
  • Daily Rehab exercises
  • Infrared… amazing
  • Anti inflammatory eating
  • The brain center I’m working with on mirroring, eye movements and more…


The only reason for the lingering nerve pain and non use (writing, a fork, etc) is because of the lag time between injury and surgery. If this had been repaired the week it happened my radial nerve wouldn’t have had to been moved or touched.

Whatever you are going through please know your mess can become your message. Your pain can become your purpose and your setback can always turn into a come back!!

Ps for those of you who have asked me “how do I know if I have a torn distal bicep”… you’d know! Look at the top right pic!


Natalie Jill




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