30 Day Challenge


Gain MOMENTUM & CONFIDENCE this Holiday Season by staying ON track!

November Challenge is SOLD OUT!!  Next One will be in 2017!

  • Access to ME + additional help from my personally trained coaching staff for 30 days – starts November 7th, 2016
  • Access to my PRIVATE group where you will get daily motivation, workouts, meal planning, and accountability
  • Includes, goal setting activities and fun challenges to promote confidence and personal growth
  • Also Includes a 4 week nutrition program, a recipe book, and TWO complete digital DVD workouts!
  • Spending 30 days with a bunch of like minded people doing great things is HUGE for your SUCCESS!
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Natale Jill
Licensed Sports Nutritionist
and Certified Personal Trainer[/text_block]


Natalie Jill’s Private Accountability Group

  • Access to Natalie Jill & her coaching team for 30 full days!
  • Private Accountability Group starts on Monday, November 7th 2016, get ready!
  • Support from a group of “like minded” people who are motivated just like you!
  • THIS is where the value is!  In addition to me and my staff, you will find lots of new, supportive friends in this group!
  • The knowledge you will gain in this group is LIFE CHANGING!

$497 VALUE


Proven 4-week Nutrition Program To Follow

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  • A Complete 4 Week Meal Plan for You to Follow
  • Comprehensive 4 week workout plan
  • My Personal Set of Easy to Follow “Nutrition Rules”
  • Goal Setting Worksheets & Tips to Get You in the Right Weight Loss Mind Frame
  • An Outline of “How” Your Meals Should Be Broken Down
  • A Listing of Acceptable “Swap Out” Foods
  • My 10 Commandments of a Fit Lifestyle
This is basically how I ate to lose my weight, and how I have eaten for many YEARS now.  It is truly a LIFESTYLE program for lasting results!



Additional Tools To Help You

Total Body Weight – Intermediate (Rev4)

Rev4 was voted “Top 10 Fitness DVDs of 2014” by Fitness Magazine

  • The body weight workout video that started it all
  • Each workout is approximately 10 minutes long
  • Upper body workouts
  • Lower body workouts
  • Full body workouts
  • Core Crusher
NOTE: This is a digital download… nothing is MAILED to you.


Total Body Weight – Building ABS

Everyone has abs! It’s just a matter of getting them toned and ‘unhidden’!

  • No more endless crunches
  • No more exercises that hurt
  • No more hours of cardio
  • Each exercise is approximately 10 minutes
  • BONUS – Brett Hoebel (From Biggest Loser) 10 Minute Booty Camp Workout
NOTE: This is a digital download… nothing is MAILED to you.


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Natalie Jill’s Stay Lean Recipes I


  • 43 Quick & Easy to Prepare Meals w/ Nutritional Info & Pics!
  • Yummy Breakfasts,
  • Amazing Appetizers
  • Sinfully Delicious Salads
  • Tasty Entrees and Snacks!
  • Includes Special Nutrition & Fitness Tips from Natalie Jill!




My name is Joanie and I will be turning 40 next month. I was excited to write a testimonial because I want it to inspire others who may be like me…too modest to put their pics out there for everyone to see.

But we are such a visual culture that we need to see pics to believe that we can change our physical bodies.. I have had three full term births. I tried to have my “cake and eat it too”. In other words, I expected change in my body by still eating fast food and all the processed stuff too.

NJ’s nutritional guidelines in the 4 Week Jump Start really clicked for me. This for me, was a transformational journey with ups and downs. But once you understand that this is for a lifetime, the decisions of what you do gets  easier.

You’ll realize that fast food does not have a place in your daily diet, saying no is okay, and eating the right things can change not just you, but the life of your family. And my family means the world to me, and for them it’s worth eating clean. Thank you for investing the time into creating this accountability group; my deep appreciation.


14 lbs GONE!!! Meet Erin, down 14 pounds and 14 inches!

In Erin’s words: “I’m 43 years old, I have three children; ages 9, 12 and 15. I have tried MANY different diets over the past 10 years. Frustrated, I gave up. It did not seem worth all the cost and effort it took.

I felt better, but was stuck in my weight loss journey. I remember desperately trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Was I not eating enough with all the exercise? Was I in starvation mode?

I went to the doctor for the third time and had my thyroid tested, it was normal. Was I not eating the right combination?  There were so many possibilities that could have contributed, but i felt lost as to where to find the answers.

After learning about Natalie Jill, I started her 4 Week Jump Start program. I feel that through Natalie Jill, I learned about macronutrients and how different body types need different amounts of macronutrients as well as the importance of the amount of each (protein, carb, fat) we should be eating.

I looked at my protein intake in 2013 and was only getting 40 grams of protein at the most.  I looked at my protein intake while i was doing the NJ 4 Week and 7 Day Jump Start and I was getting between 115g and 140g of protein.

Once I did that, the weight started coming off. I have eaten healthy foods for a very long time, but I would eat a serving of nuts instead of just 8 nuts with a carb and a protein.  I still have a long way to go, but I am getting healthier and losing the weight.

I feel that she made finding the answers affordable and available.  She and her team are AWESOME!!  They respond quickly to questions and guide you in the direction that will help you. It is not a one size fits all organization.

One of my favorite things about the accountability group was the diversity of the group in age, weight and fitness levels. Natalie Jill’s programs work for all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels.

I feel like Natalie Jill and her team are completely committed to helping everyone figure out what will work for them or what changes/additions they could make to help become successful in being ” Happy, Healthy and Fit.”

I love how “real” she is and how willing her team is to respond with suggestions to those struggling in their journey.



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Get momentum so YOU can cruise through the Holiday Season!  Stay on track while most people are gaining 5-10 pounds!  All the fun kicks off on November 7th 2016


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Join Now and SAVE!!

In just a few short minutes, you will receive a login to a membership site where you can download all of the programs.  On November 7th, you will be emailed a link to join the Private Facebook group


  • 4 Week Jump Start Program
  • Rev-4 Body Weight Workouts
  • Building Abs
  • Stay Lean I Recipe Book
  • Private Facebook Accountability & Support Group – Starts Monday, November 7th 2016
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Regularly $599.00


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Limited Time – Only $97

Join the NOVEMBER Accountability Challenge…and gain MOMENTUM and CONFIDENCE during the Holiday Season!


November Challenge is SOLD OUT!

The next challenge will be in 2017


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November is SOLD OUT!


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