Couch Potato Workout

Couch Potato Workout

Couch Potato Workout

In this video, I basically bring the workout to you. You don’t even have to leave your house!  Too tired to drive to the gym? You don’t feel like putting on workout clothes? You’re not in the mood to exercise? You’re just “over it”? Come on! I know you have couch and I know you have five minutes so watch this video and do these exercises with me!

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Exercise #1 – Tricep DipCouch Potato Workout

The further your feet are from the couch, the harder this move becomes.  Place your palms flat and fingers pointed forward, with your knees bent. Walk your legs out and keep them as straight as possible. Try not to let your shoulders drop. If this is too difficult, bring your feet in closer to the couch.

Exercise #2 – Push-Up Variation

When performing a push-up, where you place your hands can determine if you’re working your chest or triceps. So, try both! If you’re a beginner, try doing a push-up with your hands out wide on a couch (to work chest) or elbows in close to your body (to work triceps).

If you are advanced, perform a decline push-up with your feet on the couch.

Exercise #3 – Traveling Tricep Dip

This exercise will really target the back of that “BINGO” arm. B6. BINGO! Just like a regular tricep dip, only you travel from side to side on your couch, while walking your feet in that direction at the same time.

Exercise # 4 – Traveling Push-Up Variation

Similar to the push-up variation, you can do these from an incline or decline position or BOTH! Mix it up! Do these until it burns! Bringin’ Sexy Arms Back!

“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!”

– Natalie Jill

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