Easy Doesn’t Change Your Body

Easy Doesn’t Change Your Body

Easy Doesn’t Change Your Body

It always amazes me some of the e-mails I receive when someone is in the midst of changing their body and health for the better. Sometimes the e-mails are so positive you can FEEL the happiness and excitement jump off the page. They are in the zone!

They are doing the things it takes to change and are thrilled to be in the moment going through the process. The person writing it is ECSTATIC they are in the midst of a formula working for them. It is those e-mails I wish I could send a big high five through the computer screen to! AND, these are my favorite e-mails to get.

Then there are the others, the ones that start with “I didn’t realize this would be so hard…” then they continue to share “excuses” and “reasons” (which are STILL excuses BTW) why “this is too hard for THEM”.

To The “I Didn’t Realize This Would Be So Hard” Folks, This Is For You…

Easy may feel good and be comfortable but it will not change your body…PERIOD!!  If “easy” worked, everyone would have extreme results. If you WANT extreme results, easy will not cut it. If you want to change your body it takes work.

Not the easy kind of work but the hard, intense kind of work that you have to roll up your sleeves, sharpen your mental tools and put some SERIOUS blood and sweat into.

The kind of work that makes you KNOW you did some serious work and makes you realize RESULTS will 100% happen. The kind of work that makes you TRULY proud of the results you will achieve.

Do You Hear Me?

There is no exception to this. Extreme results don’t just happen to “happen”. Extreme RESULTS are what happens after some serious hard work. Are you up for the challenge or are you too lazy to do the work? It is okay to be lazy and NOT do the work? Well don’t expect to get results by being lazy and don’t expect me to feel sorry for you when you didn’t get the results that you did not work for.

Know How to Accept That Change Takes Work?

It Starts With Mental

You have to step outside your comfort zone and believe you can do something to change. Be open to learning new approaches and new ways, you have to do the work to read and understand.  DECIDE you want to learn. DECIDE you are going to apply yourself. DECIDE you are going to step out of your comfort zone and learn something new.

You Have to Apply It

Not just sometimes, ALL of the time. “Sometimes” will not cut it or get extreme results… ALL of the time will. Olympic swimmers don’t SOMETIMES practice, they practice ALL the time .

Award winning singers don’t just sometimes sing, they sing ALL the time and phenomenal students don’t sometimes go to class and sometimes study, they attend class and study ALL the time.

Fitness competitors that win competitions don’t workout and diet sometimes during their 12 week training period, they do it ALL the time during those 12 weeks. Winners that get extreme results are not part timers. They are full timers… Get my drift?

It Takes Work

The kind that makes you quiver and sweat! Leisurely strolls around the block and lifting light weights over and over again will not change your body. PUSHING yourself to the limits, past what you believe you can achieve will change your body. Lifting heavier than you thought possible, sweating more than you thought you had in you…  that will change your body.

You Have to Say No

No one said it would be easy. I say it will be worth it! Yes it’s “hard” to say no to temptation but if you find a way, and want it bad enough, you will.

Don’t be upset with results you did not get with the work you did not do. Easy DOESN’T change your body.

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!”

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