NO ONE fails in MY SQUAD!

Are YOU a Candidate?

Hi, Natalie Jill here...

I know you might be struggling right now, trying to find solutions.

I hear you! It is FRUSTRATING when you want to lose weight and nothing seems to be working!

You decide to make a change, get confused by the info overload and then you give up...

And it just gets harder as we age. I can SO relate. I was there once too. But I am about to TOTALLY fix this for you! Here is how...

I've created an exclusive SQUAD of women following a SIMPLIFIED approach to nutrition, fat loss recipes, "do anywhere" workouts and motivation...

But this squad is NOT for everyone.

It's only for serious women, ready to make a lasting change.

Everyone inside is following the fat loss formula that I figured out, designed specifically for women, so you can rest assured that ALL of your questions are answered inside this group.

Being a part of the squad also means you are my #1 priority! My team and I personally guide you through the process so you don't have to deal with info overload ever again.

In other words, I take ALL the guess work out!

I've made the squad formula super simple for you. No one fails in the squad. For us, failure is NOT an option! If you're ready to make a lasting change, you MAY be a candidate for my squad!

I can't wait to get to know you better!

See you inside,
Natalie Jill

  • Get FAST lasting Fat Loss Results with my simplified fat loss formula - Used by over 100,000+ people!
  • A community of supportive people helping each other & access to me and my elite coaches!
  • Access to my private squad for members only! Fill out the intake form to see if you're a good fit!
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No contracts, cancel any time.

What You Get Inside

Get Exclusive Access To:

  • A private community of supportive people, led by Natalie Jill & her team of elite women's fat loss coaches
  • A complete membership site full of video content, and a PLAN to follow from the very beginning.
  • Membership site works on desktop, tablet and your mobile phone!
  • 30-Day Meal Plan & Workouts to follow, even if you're new to nutrition or exercise
  • A private community of "like minded" women
  • Natalie Jill's  simple, proven Fat Loss Formula for REAL, long term results
  • Get faster results with this exclusive, private community with accountability, some tough love and lots of support!

Discover for yourself the benefits of being a Squad member!

Everyone SUCCEEDS in my squad!
Are you a candidate?

  • Fat Loss Nutrition and Workout Program and Recipes
  • Simplified approach to fat loss
  • Private Facebook Group- Your new happy place!
  • Detailed intake form you will fill out and submit to make sure that we are a good match for each other
  • Daily motivation, guidance and new like-minded friends that understand!
  • Daily monitoring- We do not let ANYONE stay in the squad that is not a good match. We keep it positive, supportive and results oriented!
  • No contracts or long term commitment!

What Squad Members Are Saying

Marabelle S.

Currently down 35 lbs and 31 inches and going strong!!  

I'm a wife and Mommy of 2.  I've struggled with weight gain since college.  Natalie's group helped me lose the weight, taught me how to eat clean with no stress and got me working out. THANK YOU for motivating me to set goals and go towards them.

Before the group, I had NO energy and I felt terrible physically and emotionally. I was ready for a change, I signed up for Natalie Jill's accountability group.

I learned SO much about fitness and nutrition and the group was just what I needed to stay accountable. Natalie doesn't just give you a program to follow, she shares everything she knows so you can build a healthy lifestyle of your own!

Debbie H.

11 pounds and 10 inches gone! Back injury overcome! Another incredible transformation as a result of my accountability groups from this 44 year old mom!

Natalie teaches you the tools that you need in order to be successful. I never felt alone in the journey.

Jillian T.

Down 14 pounds, 2 dress sizes and 4 inches off her waist! Meet 45 year old mom of two Jillian! She went from feeling total despair to STRONGER, HEALTHIER and feeling good as a result.

I AM stronger, I AM healthier than I was. I lost 14 pounds, two sizes and 4 inches off my waist.

I went from total despair “Ah, forget it, it’s just not worth trying anymore” to “I can totally do this and I am doing it, I AM getting stronger and healthier every day and I WILL reach my goals” If you’re thinking of joining Natalie Jill’s group DO IT!

Don’t let the time pass without seeing what you can do for yourself when you put your self care, your health and your fitness on the front burner.”

Emma H.

20 lbs and countless inches GONE as a result of joining for this mother of 3! Go Emma!

With Natalie’s accountability group, I've learned more about myself than just losing weight. I actually found more confidence in myself that I didn't know I existed .

Bridget M.

6 pounds GONE and lost 7.5 inches overall- DOWN 4” just in her waist as a result of the group! Meet Bridget!

Yes, my cravings for sugar are gone! I am no longer bloated, my pms is much improved and the way I feel about myself is so different !!

I dress in brighter colors, I look at my life in a whole new way!

Patty K.

Down 20 Pounds after gaining weight from early menopause as a result of the group!

I stopped wearing my wedding ring a few years ago because it didn't fit anymore and from time-to-time, I'd try to squeeze it through my finger, with no luck! Well, I'm happy to say that this is no longer an issue!!! I'm thrilled and excited! So happy that I've lost inches and now I'm able to wear my wedding ring! ❤️💍😄

In January, I DECIDED to join to help keep up with my diet and exercise. What helped me the most was the accountability, following a very simple plan and eating very good food!

Natalie Jill showed me HOW to follow her plan, WHAT to eat and HOW to unprocess my diet.

Join the Squad NOW and SAVE!!

Get all the tools you need for SUCCESS!

Invest in YOU!

REGULARLY $147 every 3 months

+ $97 Initiation Fee = $244 to Join

NO Initiation Fee $97 WAIVED

Only $97 for 3 months!

Only $97 for 3 months! Hurry, this offer won't last!

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Pay every 3 months, cancel any time. Lock in your discounted rate

$388/year when you pay as you go. Only pay about $1/day!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • q-iconDo I Need This?

        Nope! If what you are currently doing is working for you NOW then keep doing it on your OWN 🙂 If it is not working however, the squad is your answer.

      • q-iconWhat If I Don't Get Results?

        No one fails on my SQUAD. If you follow the squad formula then failure is not an option.

      • q-iconWhat If I Have A Food Allergy Or Am A Picky Eater?

        No problem if you are willing to do the swap out options. We share a lot of swap out ideas!

      • q-iconWhat If I Don't Have Extra Time?

        We all have the SAME amount of time in a day. We get things done that we want to get done. If you get clear on your goal the rest works itself out. 10 minutes a day is truly all you will need.

      • q-iconWhat If I don't like the squad?

        YOU WILL! But if you don’t you can cancel at ANYTIME no problem!

      • q-iconIs this for MEN?

        Not really. What we teach will work for men and we don’t exclude them BUT this group is made up of primarily women.

      • q-iconI am a vegan can I join?

        You can but I don’t suggest it. Although I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who choose to be vegan for ethical or religious reasons, that is NOT how I suggest eating for sustainable fat loss and energy. It is difficult to accommodate vegans on my plans.

      • q-iconI am already in great shape, is the Squad for me too?

        The NJFit squad is NOT for people already super fit or for anyone who just has a few last pounds to lose. If this sounds like you, better options for you to do instead are:

      • q-iconDoes this include a custom meal plan and/or custom workout plan?

        No, the Squad does NOT include custom meal plans. I teach you the formula to learn how to eat and exercise to change your life forever. You get results on my plans if you do the work with me! This is not a custom plan however so if you are looking just for THAT then this is not the squad for you.

      • q-iconDo I Need a Facebook Account to Join?

        YES. In the squad, although there is content you can follow outside of the group, the Facebook GROUP is a big part of this! If you don’t have Facebook and are not willing to create an account to access the group, this may not be for you.

      • q-iconWhat age range is this group for?

        This group isn’t about ‘age’, it is about how I can best help YOU overcome the obstacles in your life.  I am 45 right now, and I have been doing this since I was about 39.  I would say that people from their mid-30’s to mid-50’s will get the MOST benefit (think “Gen X” which is born between 1960-1979), as the focus is topics such as:

        If you are older or younger, you will still get results, just realize this is focused towards women who are dealing with

        – slowed metabolism
        – getting body back after kids
        – fluctuating hormones
        – peri-menopause
        – and other changes the aging women is dealing with.

        That is the community that is built, and the type of women it serves.  If you want to be a fitness or bikini model, that is great, but there are better groups suited to your goals.

      Pay Quarterly

      Pay As You Go

      Pay every 3 months, cancel any time. Lock in your discounted rate

      $388/year when you pay as you go. Only pay about $1/day!
      Join Now - QUARTERLY

        Pay Annually

        3 Months FREE

        Go ALL in! Lock in your discounted rate & GET 3 MONTHS FREE!

        SAVE $91 instantly when you pay upfront. $297/year when you pay yearly, only 81 cents per day!
        Join Now - YEARLY

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          100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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