Notes with Natalie Newsletter Aug30

Notes with Natalie Newsletter Aug30


Here’s all the news you may have missed this week! The weekly Notes with Natalie newsletter is your go-to source for all things Aging In Reverse and Leveling up your life.

Now on to the weekly highlights…

27 Years Between These Photos

27 years between these photos. I’m always preaching that we are “not too old and not too late” AND here is what I still want 20 year old me to know:

Dear 20 year old me…

First of all: Don’t worry flat irons are being invented (soon!)

Stop TANNING! I know its “cool and trendy now” but spots and wrinkles in your 40’s will never forgive you.

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STOP spending HOURS and so many days at the gym.

STOP spending HOURS and so many days at the gym… doing more and longer doesn’t equal “better” results.

You can get fit in 7 minutes a day. Let me explain…

Time and rep count is NOT what changes your body. The “gym” is not what changes your body. The latest “class” is not what changes your body.

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Stop Believing That “When I Have This I Will BE This”

Stop believing that “when I have this I will BE this” with Natalie JillDo you think these things?

When I have money I’ll be…When I get fit I will be…When I get married I’ll be…When my business is successful I will be…When I get that client I’ll be…

Your thinking this way is why you do not have it and you won’t ever “be it”.

You are working backwards. Start from where you WANT TO GO

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NEW EPISODE: From Diagnosis To Conquering Cancer With Veronique Desaulniers

Dr. Véronique Desaulniers was a self proclaimed health nut! She “did it all right” or so she thought.Then one day the unthinkable happened.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Veronique beat the odds. She overcame her own diagnosis and turned her personal scare into her calling.

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NEW EPISODE: Going All In With Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan is taking the business world by storm with the first ever of its kind “ALL IN GROWTH” conference right around the corner.

Now you see, Rick is a serial entrepreneur, ordained pastor and and incredible thought leader who has spoken at NASDAQ and Harvard. BUT today that is not what I am interviewing him about!

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BRAND NEW: Fit For You Friday!

Brand new! Fit For You Friday’s! In addition to my normal interviews on Leveling Up (released every Monday and Thursday) now I have added quick inspiration for your Friday! Super short 4-7 minute messages to keep you inspired and get you thinking!

This weeks topic is: Who Labeled You and What Did You Decide That Meant

I share my thoughts on “labels” and how we decide to look at those labels. I share my take on the label of ADHD as so many people labeled me as that due to my high energy and now….my daughter has begun to get that label.

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I FIRST Learned Of CBD Oil A Few Years Ago.

My first exposure to CBD oil was from my good friend Ari Whitten. You know “Ari” if you have been following me for a few years because Ari and I go way back… it started at the gym years ago when we became great friends and then we started training together. Our training sessions turned into therapy for me as I would end up asking him a million questions about every ache or pain I had and he ALWAYS had the solution...

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