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No time? No problem! Short workouts that get RESULTS!

No fancy equipment or expensive gym memberships - Body Weight Only!!

Workout from the comfort of your own home in just minutes per day!

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A Program For EVERY Level


Intermediate – REV4


Building Abs

The FOUR Workouts in the Jump Start System:

Beginner – For those with a lot of weight to lose and/or injuries.

Intermediate – REV4 – This is where MOST people should start.

Advanced – This is the next level workout after Rev4.

Building Abs – Get that FLAT stomach and tight core! .


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Total Body Weight – BEGINNER

beginner nj begin chair sitEach of the 3 Total Body Weight Beginner workouts are approximately 10 minutes long. There is an upper body, lower body, and full body workout.  These are body weight workouts where all you need is a sturdy chair! These workouts are ideal for people



  • have NEVER worked out before.
  • have a lot of weight to lose (50+lbs).
  • have trouble laying down & getting up from the ground.
  • have had injuries that prevent them from regular workouts. nj begin chair pu

These workouts are designed for BEGINNERS, but I show you how to progress and make them more challenging as you get stronger!


BONUS:  Includes a special lower body workout with ‘Buns of Steel’ fitness icon Tamilee Webb!


This is actually the workout that I have received the MOST requests for!  If you are ready to start progressing, this is the place to begin!  Be Happy…  Be Healthy…  Be FIT!

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Total Body Weight – INTERMEDIATE  (Rev4)

rev4Rev4 was voted “Top 10 Fitness DVDs of 2014”

by Fitness Magazinerev4 -3


This is the workout video that started it all…and where MOST people should start!  Same great DVD, just new cover and design.


It doesn’t take hours of working out.  It doesn’t take endless sets, it doesn’t take fancy equipment, and you do NOT have to “beat up your body” to get in shape with the Rev4 system!




rev4 -1


  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Full Body
  • Core Crusher


Each Rev4 workout is approximately 10 minutes long, so “I don’t have time” is no longer a valid excuse!


As you progress, you can combine Rev’s for a longer more intense workout. Rev4 is where MOST people should start.  Be your best YOU!

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Total Body Weight – ADVANCED

advancednatalie jill advAs Natalie Jill demonstrated in her original Rev4™ DVD program, short, intense bodyweight workouts get RESULTS!


Total Body Weight Advanced picks up where Rev4 left off. The advanced DVD has 2 workouts that are each approximately 15-17 minutes long.


The exercises are done in intervals. They are ADVANCED and INTENSE, but I show you how to modify if needed. If you are in good shape, or are looking to add some variety to your Rev-4 workouts, this is the next place to go!


nj adv2The workouts are a bit longer, but can still be done in about 20 minutes with warm-up and cool down.


Includes a BONUS workout with Brett Hoebel known for being a trainer on The Biggest Loser, and Tamilee Webb of ‘Buns of Steel’ fame!


Excuses or Solutions…  YOU Decide!  

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Total Body Weight – Building ABS

absnj abs gpEveryone has abs!  It’s just a matter of getting them toned, and ‘unhidden’!  It does not take endless “crunches”, exercises that hurt your lower back, or hours of cardio to bring your abs out of hiding!


Each of the three “Building Abs” workouts are approximately 10 minutes. The exercises are ADVANCED and INTENSE, but I will always show you how to modify as needed.


You can choose to do (one) 10 – minute ab workout or combine it with the others for a longer workout.


nj abs

As an added Bonus, Natalie has invited her good friend Brett Hoebel from the Biggest Loser to share his 10 minute Booty Camp Workout!


You CAN have that flat stomach and round booty!


Deciding comes first and DECIDING changes everything!

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International Shipping Is Available


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