Snap Academy – YOUR key to new customers, selling products, and putting money in your account… using SnapChat®
Snap Academy gives you the tools you need to get thousands of buyers watching your content and then buying your products… without any “selling”… they’ll just want your stuff and want to watch your content!

You need an easy to follow system – giving you control over your social media
No more spending hours staring at your phone trying to fit content distribution every day. Natalie Jill shows you how to dominate your market using SnapChat®. Now is the time to get in!

Natalie Jill has cracked the code on SnapChat®
She has over 1.6 million followers on Facebook®, over 500,000 follower on Instagram ®. Now she has brought her gifts to Snapchat® and wants to share it with you!

World Famous Fitness Coach and Social Media Influencer – Natalie Jill has grown her business to multi-millions in just 3 short years!
Discover how Snapchat® has become Natalie’s GO TO social media, even when she has 1.6+ million people on Facebook and over half million people on Instagram.

Use the same strategies Natalie uses to rapidly grow your business using SnapChat®!
Most people think Snapchat® is for people who want to send icky pictures – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Business owners, coaches, and influencers are making tens of thousands of dollars using Snapchat® to connect with their followers.
Today It’s Your Turn!
Social media moves fast and is constantly changing.
Thousands of people are waiting for you on SnapChat®
They want to connect with you and buy your products for you… if only you were using SnapChat® the right way!
You have a once-in-history chance to get in on Snapchat® while it’s still early. So you can build your market and start attracting the perfect customer!
Here’s How Snap Academy Is Going To Build Your Business:

Automatically attract your perfect customer

Position you as an expert

Naturally create the desire to consume your content EVERY DAY!

Convert Followers to Buyers

Imagine tens of thousands of people viewing your content everyday, because they KNOW it’s going to disappear in less than 24 hours.


Imagine those same people quickly running over to your store to buy the products you were just talking about… not because you “sold” them, but simply because they want what YOU have!

That’s the power of Snap Academy!

Here’s how the Snap Academy will rapidly grow your business:

Discover the easy way to stuff your SnapChat® account full of followers HOT to buy from you and interact with you!

Use powerful tools to EFFORTLESSLY RELEASE your creativity!

A proven system that reliably grows your follower base each day.

Natalie Jill’s Personal Guarantee:
If you do the easy-to-follow steps I give you each day and you don’t dramatically grow your business and increase sales in the first 30 days, I insist on giving you a full refund.
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The simple 3 Step Process to turn Your SnapChat® account into an Automated Follower Monetizing Machine with Snap Academy
Snap Academy gives you the tools you need to get thousands of buyers watching your content and then buying your products… without any “selling”… they’ll just want your stuff and want to watch your content!

Step #1 – Natalie shows you exactly how to setup your account, create your first Snap, and the power of geo-filters and stories
This quick and easy process gets you setup on the right foot. And if you already have an account, let’s you go back and optimize even better – giving you the exact formula Natalie uses to create her resistible brand.

Step #2 – Natalie shows you how she attracts followers that will consume all her content
Getting your content in front of the right person is easy when you use Natalie Jill’s method. In fact, it’s almost effortless.

Step #3 – Natalie shows you the simple way to convert your followers into buyers.
Most people really mess this part up, but fortunately Natalie is there to hold your hand and walk you through exactly how to set up your stories and Snaps so your followers are dying to buying your stuff!

Here’s what’s inside:

Getting Started on SnapChat®
Setting up your account, including how to add friends and invite people to your account.

Getting Down To Business
Discover how to captivate your audience and place simple, but powerful, call to actions in your snaps.

Secret Business Builder
Natalie shows you the key tool in SnapChat that will push your sales to the sky!

How to Rapidly Grow Your Business
A proven system that let’s you quickly grow your business

The power of repurposing
Create once, use every where! Natalie reveals her system for saving HOURS and HOURS of time, each day.

This program is for you if…

You’re an Entreprenuer
This is for people who really want to explode their personal brand or business, not just so you can become more popular or have people comment on your posts… but for people who want to get their message out there and drive massive amount traffic to your website, your webstore, your Facebook page.

You’re a Marketer
This is a powerful tool to help your clients grow their business… start commanding double your fees because of the potent results you’ll achieve for your clients.

You’re a local business owner
Online marketing is the driving people to local stores every day. Learn how you can take advantage of this new technology and have people walking through your door, today!

You’re just getting start
Even if you have a small following on Facebook or Instagram, this is for you…. Natalie shows you how to quickly ramp up followers and sales, which you wouldn’t believe.

Natalie Jill’s Personal Moneyback Guarantee!
“If you put my system to use and you don’t start dramatically growing your follower base and adding money to your bank account through sales… I INSIST on giving you ALL your money back!”
Snap Academy


Your investment in Snap Academy is a sure-fire way to grow your business. In just two minutes, from RIGHT NOW, you’ll have INSTANT ACCESS to the Snap Academy and you will be on your way to reliably building a group of ravenous followers who want to give you their money.

Module 1: The Formula

Module 2: Getting Started

Module 3: Let’s Get Snapping

Module 4: Getting Down To Business

Module 5: Putting Your Snaps To Work

Module 6: Building a Following and Selling

Bonus Examples: Snap Stories That Sell

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