Jim Walters

Jim Walters

Do you have what it takes to be like Jim? I believe that you do.

I was recently asked in an interview, who is my FAVORITE type of person to work with? And who has the best results on my programs? I did not hesitate for one bit because I know EXACTLY how to describe this type of person. I think of Jim Walters. Jim is the epitome of “Excuses or Solutions… YOU decide” : ) He DECIDED and he did not let anything get in his way. It was not an overnight transformation- this took him some time. What he did was DECIDE and then he committed to the process and stayed consistent.

He used to believe that his before picture was “bad genetics.” He laughs now when people look at his after picture and say “that is just genetics.”

EVERYONE has excuses. WE ALL HAVE THEM! We do!  For some they may be worse, they may make it harder, they may make results take longer, BUT, there’s ALWAYS some sort of solution… There is always some positive step forward you can take one day at a time.




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