30 lbs GONE! GO RACHEL! This fit mom is GETTING IT DONE 🙂 30 lbs GONE And look at that tiny waist she’s now sporting!

She DECIDED to change, she COMMITTED to the process and she DID the work consistently. She did this following my 4 Week Jump Start.

In her words: “I had 4 babies within 5 years. Whoa! I thought I was being such a good mom by baking cookies everyday! I felt progressively worse, and worse. I came across Natalie Jill online. I wanted to transform back into me. I immediately ordered the Jump Start and followed it precisely. Friends started noticing the changes within weeks. I lost 30 lbs. I was me again, but more. I found confidence, energy, happiness, and a love for life that I hadn’t experienced before. I will continue to implement the lessons I have learned from Natalie, my entire life. My whole family has benefited from eating better and by having a happier mother. I have so many dreams and goals, sparked by Natalie’s program. My life is taking an entirely better path. Thank you from the depths of my soul, Natalie!” GO!

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Natalie Minh
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