Top 5 Ab Workouts – The Best Ab Exercises – video

Top 5 Ab Workouts – The Best Ab Exercises – video

My Top 5 AB Workouts

I wanted to share my TOP 5 AB Workouts with you all! Abs are one of my MOST requested areas. We all want to attack that pesky belly fat! Here is a workout pulling from each of my best ab workout videos!

5 best ab workouts

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  1. Attack of the Belly Fat Exercise: Pike Walk Out to Pushup
    From a standing position, slouch down to your hands and walk your hands out in front of you on the ground. Walk it all the way out to a plank position, and dip down for a pushup. Come up and walk back in and up. Do as many as you can in 60 seconds. You will really feel this shoulders and your core, but it is working your entire body.
  2. 6 pack mission exercise – Rollouts with a stability ball
    Start in standing position, place your hands down on the ball, and slowly using those abs, walk the ball out so that your forearms are resting on it. HOLD for a few seconds and bring it back.
  3. Ab exercises for beginners exercise – Shimmies Side-to-Side
    Lie on your back with your feet on the ground and keeping that back as flat against the ground as possible, you’re going to point your fingers toward your heels and shimmy side-to-side. It doesn’t look like a lot of work, but it burns!
  4. Flat Belly Exercise – Flutter Kicks
    Last exercise! You got this! Lie on the floor and lift up on your forearms. Slowly criss-cross your legs up and down but hovering low over the ground as much as possible. Pretend like an elephant is resting their arm on your lower belly. If you do that, there is no way that back will arch!
  5. Lower Belly Pooch Attack exercise – Up Downs
    While laying flat on the ground, lift your legs off the ground and slowly lift and lower them.

So tell me, did you do it with me? Let me know what your favorites are! Do you want MORE ab workouts? Remember, just do what is intense for you! I have workouts from beginners to advanced available on my YouTube channel! Take a look around 🙂

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!

-Natalie Jill

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