Two Minute Real Time Warmup

Two Minute Real Time Warmup

Two Minute Real Time Warmup! Here you go…I wanted to share my actual two minute real time warmup for you! Turn up the volume so you can hear me explain why I do these 3 warm up moves and why. 🙂

Real Time Two Minute Warm-Up with Natalie Jill

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  • Move Around
  • Foam Roll Your Quads
  • Dyanamic Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Glute Bridge

Before Starting: Move Around

Before I do my quick two minute warm up I like to get my heart rate going a little bit. I usually do this by marching in place, going for a short walk, shaking out my arms…whatever you choose, just do something to get your body moving. I would aim to warm up for a couple of minutes, but any amount of movement will help you.

Two Minute Real Time Warmup Tip 1: Foam Roll Your Quads

Foam Roller Two Minute Real Time Warmup with natalie jillI like to foam roll my quads first (which is the same as stretching them basically, so if you don’t have a foam roller to roll your muscles, you can just stretch.) You are turning them off, or essentially “deactivating” them, so it forces you to use your hamstrings and glutes. So as soon as I am done with my warm up I start this.  The reason I recommend stretching your quads is because A LOT  of people, especially women, tend to be quad dominant. Being quad dominant means we are under using our hamstrings and our glutes (our butt muscles).
This means that when we go to work out, our body tends to favor those quads—not even intentionally—so we start working those quads without correctly activating the glutes and hamstrings. Not activating these very important muscle groups can really give us lower back problems. When I have the time, I try to spend at least a few minutes doing this — but there really is no magic number.


Two Minute Real Time Warmup Tip 2: Dynamic Hip Flexor Stretch dynamic hip flexor stretch Two Minute Real Time Warmup with Natalie Jill

The next thing I do is stretch my hip flexors. It’s really the only thing I personally ‘stretch’ (instead of foam roll) before I begin my workouts. One thing I want you note is that it is a dynamic stretch–not a static stretch. Notice that I am actually moving back and forth in small motions while I am in the stretch with my rear leg up. Dynamic stretching is important before your workouts because we are trying to activate the muscles — not shut them down. I love to use my Strongboard for this but you don’t have to. A wall, a small table, a chair – anything that will lift that foot will work.  Just remember to keep moving back and forth to stretch your hip flexor with a dynamic stretch. I normally do this for about 30 seconds per side.


Two Minute Real Time Warmup Tip 3: Activate Your Glutes and Hamstrings Glute bridge Two Minute Real Time Warmup with Natalie Jill

The final thing I make sure to do is activate my glutes and my hamstrings. I do this by doing glute bridges. Again, I am using a Strongboard but you can do this off of the ground, off a little platform, whatever works for you. I am activating those glutes by driving through my heels while I am pushing up and really squeezing my hamstrings and glutes when I get to the top. You can do this with both legs together, you can do it with your legs elevated, you can do it with both feet on the ground — totally your call. The point is that you are driving through the heels and REALLY squeezing those glutes.

So those are the three main things I typically do to get up, stretched, and ready to work smarter before my workouts. Well…I guess it could technically be four because I warm up and get my body moving first!

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