The 4 Week Jump Start
Just 4 weeks to lose the weight,
get rid of the bloat and stop the cravings




Women's 4 Week Jump StartAre you NEXT? I have been where you are….I was uncomfortable in my own skin. My clothes just didn’t fit right, I was bloated, low on energy and just generally down feeling.


I did not recognize myself. I remember looking in the mirror and feeling like I was in the wrong body. A body I didn’t recognize. An older, more mushy and flabby one and a VERY uncomfortable one.


I felt like the reflection starring back at me was NOT who was. Although logically I knew it was “just a reflection”, it still just HURT. That pain was so real.


I was embarrassed to go to a gym (I thought people would be staring at me), I was not comfortable at social gatherings, and I was just so sad and discouraged. I literally wanted to hang out on the sofa in sweats just eating ice cream.


I had totally let myself go and I wanted to fix it but there was just so much information overload. I would see super fit and happy people and I WANTED that, but I just didn’t know where to start or how to fix things.


And then one day, it all changed for me. I DECIDED I had enough and I dove in. I studied everything I could and I committed and made the changes.


Thank goodness, I documented everything I was doing because it WORKED! It ACTUALLY WORKED! Others took notice and my 7 Day Jump Start Original Plan was born.


I released my 7 Day Jump Start Program to others on social media and it quickly became a very popular weight loss formula! It was AMAZING- I mean seriously… Something that came out of my rock bottom place not only helped ME but was now helping SO MANY OTHERS lose the weight and get their lives back.

But you wanted more 🙂 and I listened! So now, years later, I made a step II… the NEXT step in lasting fat loss- my 4 week Jump Start Program. Are you ready to do this?


What you will learn from this fitness program?


Womens-4-Week-Jump-Start-Main-BookThe 4 Week Jump Start Plan Will Get Your Body in FAT BURNING Mode, Stop Excess Cravings, will get rid of the bloat and will help to increase your energy! 


This version DOES include a workout plan as WELL AS a meal plan AND handouts that anybody can follow regardless of your fitness level.


The program is simple, requires minimal cooking, is GLUTEN FREE, soy free and corn free, and has TONS of substitution options so you eat the foods YOU like to eat!


Most can expect to lose 10 lbs during the 4 weeks following the 4 Week Jump Start Program


This program is a great follow-up to the 7 Day Jump Start as well as a stand-alone product if you haven’t read my 7 Day Jump Start!


You WILL LOSE 10 pounds the first month if you follow this program!

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Inside This Simple to Follow  Guide…


  • A Complete 4 Week Meal Plan for You to Follow

  • Comprehensive 4 week workout plan.

  • My Personal Set of Easy to Follow “Nutrition Rules “

  • Goal Setting Worksheets & Tips to Get You in the Right Weight Loss Mind Frame

  • An Outline of “How” Your Meals Should Be Broken Down

  • A Listings of Acceptable “Swap Out” Foods

  • My 10 Commandments of a Fit Lifestyle

  • My Fit Tips

Women's 4 Week Jump Start

Women’s 4 Week Jump Start

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Save a TREE and say no to snail mail! This is a digital download… Nothing is MAILED to you. This is an instant download you will receive a link to immediately after purchasing. Please download the 4 Week Jump Start to a computer, not a phone.

This plan was designed for women who have more than 15 lbs to lose. It will work for those who have less to lose but the loss will be more gradual (2-2.5 lbs week one). This plan is very similar to how I eat.

To Your Health and Fitness,

Natalie Jill

Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist
and Functional Fitness Certified Personal Trainer



C-section to Bikini Ready I can’t believe I am actually going to feel good about wearing my new bikini on vacation in April! Considering where I was less than a year ago! I have been following the guidelines to the 7 day Jump start for 5 weeks now. I have lost the last 12lbs from my pregnancy and I’m keeping it off! My baby is 10 months old and I am so happy! I didn’t think I would get back in shape after a difficult pregnancy, gaining almost 65lbs and emergency c-section! I have got the diet down! Thank you so much! – Courtney (Her full story HERE)
Stacie: “This before picture was taken several weeks ago when I started the 7 day Jump Start. It’s been nothing short of amazing to watch my progress as well as become a detective about my eating and what works for me. This morning when I took my after picture I could not resist piecing them together to see just how many Thousands of Words this picture speaks. Loving life, living my 40′s the way it was intended…with joy!”
Shattered bones, convenience food to Bikini Ready! “Natalie, you have been such a godsend! You program really does work and it is so easy and the best part is that I feel so much better. While it is easy to follow, you have to put in hard work and determination to be successful. You have been very supportive through my process and I could not have done this without your help, guidance and cheering on that you did for me. I know I still have a lot of work to do but by continuing to follow your program I have no doubt that I will reach my goal. Thank you a million times for being so real and inspiring !!” -Lisi
Joan: Joan followed the 7 day Jump Start Plan for 12 weeks and lost 45 pounds! “Natalie, Here is my 12 week update! I am now 180 lbs. I have lost 45 lbs. I still have 20 lbs to go. everyone that see’s me can’t believe the difference in me, every week I change.Thank you so much, you honestly have changed so much of my life in such a positive way….. I am very grateful to you and all your knowledge and Brooks (author of Every Step Counts) too.. you both really care about people!
Peggy Started the 7 day Jump Start and kept following! 21 days later look at her WAIST!”Seriously couldn’t have done it without you! I know there’s more work to be done, but I’m more motivated than ever! There’s no stopping me now!!! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Tanya’s 4 week success following the Jump Start: “So I purchased and started your 7 day jump start 4 weeks ago. These are the before and after your Jump Start!My official starting weight before you was 167 pounds. After 4 weeks, I am now down to 153!
I decided to give the “7 Day Jump Start Challenge” a try. I really liked that everyday I had a meal plan to follow and loved that I had an itemized grocery list to take with me when I went shopping.I am happy to say that I have followed the program to a ‘T’. I love the food selection you have in your menus.
I was 50lbs overweight and facing blood pressure medication…I bought her Stay Lean Recipes Book and it was GAME ON.My wife and my youngest daughter joined me after I had lost 20 pounds the first 2 months” ~ Jim
Sean lost 11 lbs of fat working with Natalie for 7 weeks… “I highly recommend Natalie. I trust her judgment and recommendation, and believe that she is a great motivator and coach as well.” ~ Sean Berger
Lost 16 additional pounds that he was still struggling to lose after doing things without a formal nutrition plan: “My doc took me off my cholesterol meds today! Then she thanked and hugged me for being an inspiration. She said that so often she offers advice and her patients find it too hard and consequently get worse. She told me last year at my 40th birthday physical that the only cure for me at that point was bariatric surgery. And look at me now- 52 lbs lighter! Working hard, and keeping at it. Every time I visit her she’s more and more impressed. Thank you for your guidance and the Jump Start! It was just the thing I was looking for, and continue to use every day. Today is day 16 and I’m still kickin’ butt! ~ Ari Zagnit
“It is beyond the seventh day of the seven day challenge! I am sticking to the plan beyond seven and for ever! I am at day 10 and down 14lbs! My wife is now participating in your challenge with me and has lost weight too! Thanks so much for your guidance and encouragement!” ~ Tim Garrison

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