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Um hello!!!! My client 🙂 she is down 25 lbs starting with the 7 Day Jump Start!

WOOOOP WOOOOP! Gooooo Amanda!

I’m so proud of her! She did it and you absolutely can too. Who is next?

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Nicole Ruiz

40 lbs GONE! Size 14 to a 4! Meet beautiful @nicolecruiz! She is doing it! I am about to share her story- If you have something encouraging to say please comment away! Empowering and encouraging others and recognizing others accomplishments publicly is a great way to keep happiness and positivity contagious 🙂

In Nicole’s Words:

Being that size was hard. I was a miserable person. I hated myself in every way. I was incredibly depressed, I remember there were days that I didn’t want to get out of bed because I didn’t feel like trying on a ton of clothes that didn’t fit.

I was lonely and embarrassed because I gained so much weight, I would make excuses up to not hang out with friends. I was addicted to food, I would eat constantly, to help deal with stress, anger, loneliness, depression.

The first thing I noticed after about 3 days into the jump start was energy! And happiness! I had no idea the effects that sugar had on my emotions! I woke up out of bed without an alarm, and I started to have a desire to work out. I hadn’t worked out for 3 years!

The weight just keeps falling off!

It has been such an easy transformation with you! I travel a ton and I can always find something to eat. There is no stopping me now!”

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Terri Murphy

Awesome! Weight LOSS 37 pounds! Check out Terri’s story and amazing progress – Don’t you LOVE when you work super hard at something and others notice and compliment you! Let’s do this for her! She worked hard and deserves it.

In Terri’s words:
“Thank You is not enough to say to Natalie Jill , Liana Hunt and the entire team of people that helped me get my life back I have posted some photos below of my journey from January 2017 to date I am so grateful for this amazing tribe of women and so appreciative for my new sustainable lifestyle. The opportunity to participate in Natalies groups has been a blessing. Weight loss 37 pounds (since Jan 2017), BMI 25. Percent body fat 32.5. I am now inside the healthy zone and feel amazing I have decided that this journey shall continue forever ”

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From Depressed to THRIVING! Total WEIGHT LOSS is 24.6 lbs and 29.5 inches GONE! Meet Yulanda! Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

Mindset was the hardest and the most enjoyable piece of the program for me. I started the Full Body Reste in a deep dark hole of depression.

I was constantly eating out because I didn’t know how to cook and eating comfort foods was the norm and there was no limit to how much I was eating. It felt good eating in the moment, but every time self-disgust would shortly follow when I was done. It was a vicious cycle.

I had gained so much weight that I no longer recognized myself in the mirror. I wasn’t even able to look into people’s eyes when I talk to them because by then I had zero self-confidence. I was constantly in fear of judgement by how I looked because family and relatives would constantly make my weight a topic of discussion.

I came into the program with a lot of doubts: Can I do it? Can I measure up? Am I smart enough to comprehend the knowledge? Will I be able to adapt to the new eating and exercise habits? Can I sustain it? Will this program really work for me?

Once I determined my Driving Core Motivator, Visions and Goals it was easy to decide to commit because I had a strong “why” I was in this program and a strong vision where I wanted to go. After that it was just learning the mechanics of how to eat and exercise.

As I learned more about mindset I realized that trying to achieve perfection in all areas of my life hindered me instead of allowing me to grow. That was a big eye opener for me. I realized that I was molded to be a perfectionist by my father, teachers, the Chinese culture and eventually I expected that out of myself in every way. Every time I felt that I failed (meaning not achieving 100%) I beat myself up with negative self-talk. I never let myself off of my imaginary hook and I always dealt self-punishment to pay for the mistakes I made or the failure to do it perfectly.

I realized that I hindered myself from growing in so many areas of my life by being in the mode of “analysis paralysis”. I was so in fear of making mistakes that I spend all my time “preparing” and never “executing”. I am a completely different person. Mindset/perception is so important. It is the foundation to everything we think and do.

As I gained ground on learning how to eat I was able to create a momentum. I stuck with the basics because I was not a cook. I kept it simple and soon my bloat was gone, I could feel an increase in my energy, mental clarity, a drive that I haven’t felt for a long time, the confidence that I can do this and excitement to learn more.

Now, all I want to do is pour into others. That is literally how I truly feel. My cup is literally overflowing… I want each person struggling to hear the truth! YOU ARE CAPABLE, YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE VALUABLE, YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU ARE MEANT TO BE GREAT, YOU ARE SMART, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE USEFUL, YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER, YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER, YOU ARE MEANT FOR THIS!!”

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Michelle Chaplin

34 lbs gone in three months!

Recognizing others’ accomplishments publicly is contagious…so read her story, and if you have something encouraging or positive to say, please comment away! In Michelle’s words: “I have been struggling with losing weight for years. I have tried all diet pills & plans possible.

I chose Natalie Jill’s 7 Day Jump Start because of the simpleness of it. I started on January 12, 2015 and followed that for two weeks. After that, I purchased her 4 Week Program and continued to follow that.

I have had people tell me I needed to eat so much protein and so many carbs, but Natalie laid it out for me and told me what to eat and then gave a substitution list if I didn’t like it. This is what I needed; someone to lay it out for me until my mind got it.

My mind finally got it and now I make conscious decisions on what I eat. It is ingrained in me, to make those decisions on my own and I have kept my 34 lbs off.

People have asked me what diet I am on, and I respond by saying I am not on a diet- I made a lifestyle change.
It is so easy to follow and I am so HAPPY with this program. The exercise videos on YouTube and Facebook are so easy to follow and they do not take hours to do.

I have not felt this good about myself since before the birth of my 14 year old son. Thank you Natalie for helping to inspire me and so many people.”

There you have it! She made good choices that became ingrained and part of her LIFESTYLE…and look at her now!

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30 lbs GONE! GO RACHEL! This fit mom is GETTING IT DONE 🙂 30 lbs GONE And look at that tiny waist she’s now sporting!

She DECIDED to change, she COMMITTED to the process and she DID the work consistently. She did this following my 4 Week Jump Start.

In her words: “I had 4 babies within 5 years. Whoa! I thought I was being such a good mom by baking cookies everyday! I felt progressively worse, and worse. I came across Natalie Jill online. I wanted to transform back into me. I immediately ordered the Jump Start and followed it precisely. Friends started noticing the changes within weeks. I lost 30 lbs. I was me again, but more. I found confidence, energy, happiness, and a love for life that I hadn’t experienced before. I will continue to implement the lessons I have learned from Natalie, my entire life. My whole family has benefited from eating better and by having a happier mother. I have so many dreams and goals, sparked by Natalie’s program. My life is taking an entirely better path. Thank you from the depths of my soul, Natalie!” GO!

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Beth Wauford

26 lbs GONE! This Mom of SIX is ROCKING IT! GO BETH! She did it and YOU can too! In Beth’s words:

“Until 2013 I was an avid runner & really didn’t struggle with my weight that much; but after a knee injury requiring surgery, I was never able to run at the level I did before. I tried Other diets/ programs but they really didn’t work for me b/c I always felt deprived, hungry & irritable. I also hate long, boring workouts in the gym & just could not stay committed. NJs programs were simple, easy to follow, quick, & you didn’t have to have any special equipment. In January I weighed in at 165. I followed the the 7 day Jump start eating & exercise plan & immediately began to see results. I felt better, had more energy, felt less bloated & in just a few days my clothes began to feel less constricting! I also used the Rev 4 DVD for workouts as well. The videos were awesome, only 10 minutes each…. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes to work out? Because you follow along with Natalie on the videos, it’s like she’s right there working out beside you. She’s constantly encouraging you throughout the entire video.

Before long I could tell that I was not only losing weight but I was becoming stronger & more toned as well. Friends & coworkers were constantly complimenting me & asking what I was doing to get in shape. I did have a couple of setbacks, my son was hospitalized for a few days & then I had a pretty bad car accident… Both incidents momentarily slowed my progress; but each time I got right back on track & quickly rebounded finding my “groove”. I can honestly say that this has become a lifestyle change. I no longer crave the sweets, fast foods, or junk food anymore. Nor do I feel deprived when someone eats a donut in front of me. I’ve learned that healthy food is good food & it is very satisfying. I now weigh 139 & I am able to wear all my favorite clothes again…all size 8!!! I know that I never could’ve done this without NJ, her programs & all the wonderful supporters I met! The entire NJ team rocks!

Go Beth! Thank you for sharing your story with us. You look AMAZING!

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Elizabeth Koth

Down 36 pounds and just had the SAME red dress taken in 6+ inches for an Oscar’s party! I LOVE getting messages like these! Meet Elizabeth!

You HAVE to read her story and learn what her daughter said that made her DECIDE to change.

In Elizabeth’s words: “I just want to share my success with you! In late August 2015, I decided to make some big lifestyle changes with regard to my eating and exercising.

I began speaking negatively about myself; even in front of my daughter, which is something I swore I’d never do! I called myself “fat”, “gross”, etc in front of her!

I quit exercising because I couldn’t run off the calories I was eating because I was putting horrible foods into my body.

It was back in August that my daughter finally spoke up and said something to me in response to hearing me call myself “fat” yet again…she said, “Mommy, you never used to talk about yourself like.”

Yes, my “wise beyond her 12 years” daughter said it! I was both surprised and ashamed. She was right. That was when I decided it was time to make some changes.

I had already tried a few of the quick workouts you posted on Facebook and I liked them…I liked Natalie Jill’s enthusiasm and encouraging spirit! So, I signed up to start receiving the workout calendars.

I started following the calendar and doing all 3 workouts listed each day! A couple weeks into my first month of the workout calendar, I invested in the 7-day Jump Start – The Plan!

The 7-day Jump Start – The Plan has served as a guide to meal planning. I love it! I lost 7 pounds in the first week and have now lost a total of 36 pounds! And I’m still going! I am happier, healthier and fitter…thanks to you!

I could go on and on about what this journey has been like for me…the good days and the more challenging days! But, mostly, I just wanted to share my before/after photo with you! My husband and kids have a hard time believing it’s the same person in both pictures!

I tell people all the time about your programs and how amazing you are! Thank you for your commitment to helping others be healthy…I’m just one more to add to your list of thousands you’ve helped. Awesome!!!!”

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your inspiring success story with us. You DECIDED to make good choices, made a LIFESTYLE change …and look at you now!


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One of my FAVORITE Transformations! Don’t you LOVE when you work super hard at something and others notice and compliment you! Let’s do this for her! She worked hard and deserves it.

ANYONE can become their BEST once they DECIDE to take action! I LOVE transformations!

Meet Meredyth: A now “fit mom” getting it done. She found her “why,” stayed focused, committed to the process and lost the weight! She did this following my programs (The Jump Starts and the Super Shred Series) and has continued to improve!

She is FITTER, LEANER, STRONGER, HAPPIER and HEALTHIER now making this her lifestyle. Go Meredyth!

WHO wants to be next?

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Meet Bulelwa and read her story! Some of you might have seen her before…but I wanted to update you on her progress…she just keeps getting better and better RESULTS!! I updated her original “after” picture with this NEW one she just sent me. HOLY COW!! So proud of her!

In Bulelwa’s words: “I used to think that I was in great shape. I would workout 5-6 days a week for 2-3hrs maximum. I would hop on and off the machines, and never considered using free weight machines.

When it came to eating , I didn’t know what I was doing: I’d count calories, eat clean for a week and go on food splurge over the weekends. I wasn’t happy , always disappointed at myself , I just didn’t have self control at all.

One of my friends from college introduced me to @nataliejillfit. I looked her up on Facebook and friended her. I was skeptical to buy her programs at first because I hated anything complicated. I didn’t trust myself to following or committing to any program

I joined a FB group Natalie was in, I met great people there who were like my second family. They all spoke highly of her programs . I purchased my first program ever the 7 day Jump Start. It was easy to follow, and it totally changed my life!!!

After that I bought her Shredded Abs and the 12 week Super Shred program from her. I now spend 1hr -1h 1/2 MAX at the gym and even just 45 minutes sometimes. I work out 4-5 days or even less. I ditched the machines and I’m constantly using free weights: I squat, dead lift, and the list goes on. I only do 15-20 minutes of cardio 3-4 days a week”


I LOVE those who DECIDE to become the best version of them & then DO IT!!

Bulelwa is an awesome example of this! She decided and then followed my programs, committed to the process and made it a lifestyle continuing on! She is looking AMAZING!! Bulelwa had made this her lifestyle and is continually progressing. You can do this too!


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Another one of my FAVORITE transformations! Don’t you LOVE when you work super hard at something and others notice and compliment you! Let’s do this for her! She worked hard and deserves it.

Meet Chandra-87 lbs GONE and NO this was not an overnight or unhealthy process and there were no magic pill tricks involved.

She DECIDED to do the work, she committed to the process and made the changes, gradually using my programs!

She started by following my Jump Start programs, made it a lifestyle and then moved over to my Super Shred and shredded abs programs. She went from 222 lbs to 133 lbs.

She is now a happier, healthier and fitter version of herself! ANYONE can become a better version of themselves if they decide, commit and stay consistent! You can do this too!

WHO wants to be next? You can do this too!

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50 lbs GONE! Sharing one of the most motivating transformations I have received! Meet Corrina! She dropped 50 lbs! Before commenting remember this is an actual person who worked very hard… positive, supportive, encouraging comments welcome! 🙂

In her own words: “It’s been a little over a year since I found Natalie Jill and her amazing programs. I started with her 4 week Jump Start and lost around 40 lbs with just that one program.

I’m a mother of three small children; four, three and one and soon my husband and I are going to adopt two more; a four and two year old. There is no excuse if you really want something all it takes is hard work and dedication thank you so much Natalie Jill you are amazing!!!!”

Corrina ROCKS and she had what it takes to do this…

The most important first step: she DECIDED! THIS is now her new lifestyle and reality!

Who is next?

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Having a baby (or two in this case) doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to getting ABS 🙂 Meet Angelica! I’m about to share her story…If you have something nice and positive to say please comment! You all KNOW how amazing it feels when others encourage you and congratulate you on your commitment:)!!

Angelica was one of my original transformations! She looked great but was working on getting “abs” and then became pregnant with baby number 2!

She had a healthy baby boy, jumped back on my programs and is looking better than ever!

Holy abs! She decided to get “better than ever” followed my programs, stayed committed to the process, and stayed consistent. Angelica is continually progressing into a fitter, happier, absolutely amazing her.

WHO wants to be next? You can do this too! Want help on your OWN transformation journey?

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This was an unsolicited update she sent me via my website. Positive, encouraging comments welcome! Make her day- she worked hard and I want her to feel great about herself!

Veena decided to become her best her, committed to the process, stayed consistent and boom- she is looking awesome!

She started with my 7 Day Jump Start Program and then moved onto the shredded abs program and made it her lifestyle!

In Veena’s words: “I followed the 7 day Jump Start and then went onto the Super Shredded abs program. I’ve lost 40 lbs and am soooo happy 🙂 To maintain, I currently do my own body weight exercises at home and regularly follow Natalie’s updates/tutorials videos that she uploads with different body weight exercises, as well as following a healthy unprocessed diet. ”

Love it Veena! Thank you for sharing and inspiring! WHO wants to be next? Get the program’s Veena used at 7 Day Jump Start NEWEST edition HERE!


GO Kat! Kat dropped 35 lbs and 4 sizes in 3 months! Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

She followed my Jump Start program, stayed committed to the process, stayed consistent and made it a lifestyle! Progressing into a fitter, happier her! GO Kat!

This is done the healthy way!

WHO is next? You can do this too! Get the SAMWE programs Kat followed go to 7 Day Jump Start NEWEST edition HERE!


Go FRANK! This is what I’m talking about! He DECIDED, committed, and stayed consistent! In his own words: “Hey Natalie. I wanted to say thank you for all your help. I purchased a few of your recipe books and it really helped me shed a lot of weight, not to mention your exercise plans. I’ve changed my lifestyle to a fit one, thanks to you as an inspiration. Thank you so much for your guidance and your delicious recipes.”

WHO wants to be next?? To get the programs and recipe books that Frank used go to 7 Day Jump Start NEWEST edition HERE!


22 lbs GONE! LOVE this!! I love revisiting the amazing transformation pictures I receive! Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

MEET Angie: 22 lbs GONE. She DECIDED to do this, LEARNED the formula outlined in my JumpStart Programs, COMMITTED to the process and made it her lifestyle. This is done the healthy way!

WHO is next?

YOU can do this too! Get the detailed Jump Start programs that Angie followed at 7 Day Jump Start NEWEST edition HERE!


30 lbs GONE! I LOVE this! Meet Kathie- she INSPIRES me! Not only did she DECIDE to transform her body, she lost 30 lbs and KEEPS progressing to a better her! I am about to share Kathie’s story- If you have something encouraging to say please comment away! Empowering and encouraging others and recognizing others accomplishments publicly is a great way to keep happiness and positivity contagious 🙂

The before image on the left was taken before she started my programs and the one on the right was taken 4 months AFTER finishing the 12 Week Super Shred Program. She is down 30 lbs.

What I am MOST inspired by with Kathie is that not only did she commit to my programs, stay consistent and progress to a better her but she has TRULY made this a lifestyle! She finished my programs a few months back and she CONTINUES to progress!

In Kathie’s words: “I did NJ’s 4wk Jump Start, Super Shred & Shredded Abs. My eating and workouts are still patterned after these programs, but I now work in some HIIT (treadmill & spinning), REV-4 DVD and NJ free workouts posted on Facebook and Instagram. NJ’s programs are fantastic – I highly recommend them!”

WHO is next?

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So….I know this is not one of those super duper 50 -100 lb loss transformation pictures but THESE are the ones that inspire me the most because it shows how much a week of focus and eating real unprocessed foods can reflect in your body. Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

This is Leecy and I am proud and inspired by her! She followed my 7 day Jump Start program for the full 7 days and she is already less bloated, feeling better and getting tighter, smaller and healthier.

ANYONE can start from where they are and make some pretty noticeable strides quickly and it can be done the HEALTHY WAY. I can TOTALLY notice a difference in Leecy and I am super proud of her for committing to this!

WHO is next?  Get the SAME program Leecy found success at 7 Day Jump Start NEWEST edition HERE!

OH – And for those wondering, 5 lbs loss in week one is common and expected when you go from a processed food diet to a clean and natural unprocessed food diet.  You lose excess water and bloat in addition to fat. 2 lbs per week of fat loss is common and expected when you make the Jump Start way of eating your lifestyle after completing the first 7 days.


Addicted to Mountain Dew for 23 years…and finally made a lifestyle change at age 49!

This is one of my favorites because of the STORY behind it. I hear from people ALL the time that think it is too late to start (it never is!), and Joan was the same way, but something happened as she got close to 50 that changed it all!

So read her amazing STORY, and if you have something encouraging or positive to say, please comment away! Remember, recognizing others accomplishments in public is contagious…and positive reinforcement is good for everybody!

In Joan’s words…

“Before I started your Jump Start I was 225 lbs., depressed, stopped communicating with my family, was totally miserable. Over the last 3 years I have had to pack away nine bins of beautiful clothes that I no longer could fit into.

I started working at the busiest restaurant in Providence. I mainly work nights. I took the job so I could be home more with the family and try not to miss out on too much of the boys activities and so that I could volunteer at their elementary and middle schools.

Well, I would bring home cheesecake and an entrée late at night, sit in front of the computer to unwind and eat half of whatever I brought home, then make an ice cream cone. This went on and on.

I’d drank diet Mt. dew first thing when I woke up. I would have two cans before the kids were off for school. I would have another one or two in the afternoon. I have drank diet Mt. dew for 23 years, and…

Continue reading the rest of Joan’s story and see her video HERE:


WHO is next?

Get started on your OWN transformation at 7 Day Jump Start NEWEST edition HERE!

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