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A few years back,  my husband Brooks and I did an in person 2 day intensive workshop where we taught all of our brand building strategies to a group of 20 entrepreneurs. We charged in the thousands for this workshop and filmed it all. Although the workshop was several years back, all of the principals still apply! The workshop is GREATLY discounted now for you

The Business Builder Workshop Videos are PERFECT for you if you:

  • Want to earn a living online doing something you LOVE!
  • Want to learn HOW to actually grow and monetize your brand!
  • Have a brand, but are overwhelmed and frustrated trying to make it a business $$$$!
  • Want to have a sense of freedom and accomplishment doing your OWN thing!
  • Have a business you want to take to the next level, but don’t know how!
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Discover how Natalie Jill works from home, and runs a very successful online business which allows her to spend time with her daughter, workout, and transform people’s lives.

Ever been to a seminar where they have tons of great info and you leave super motivated, but come Monday morning when it all sinks in, you have NO idea where to start?

You ‘get’ the ideas behind it all, but don’t know HOW to actually do it?

Well, that is EXACTLY where these workshop videos come in.

In addition to covering the ‘big ideas’ in this workshop is going to show you HOW it is done.  You will get HOURS of screen capture where we recorded our screen so you can follow along and see step-by-step exactly how things are done.

Like the people that attended the workshop, once you are done going through these videos, you will not only have a game plan, but you will KNOW how to implement it!

What you will get in the Business Builder Workshop Videos:

  • How to make your first dollar online!
  • The exact steps to take for the ‘fastest path to revenue’!
  • The RIGHT way to use social media (It’s NOT what you probably think…)!
  • How to stop floundering, being overwhelmed, and move FORWARD in your business!
  • That you CAN do it yourself! SAVE at LEAST $50,000 in mistakes you will NOT have to make!

Natalie and her business partner Brooks  pull back the curtains and show you how they do things in their business.

They share their own ‘lessons learned’ so that you don’t make many of the same expensive and time consuming mistakes they did along the way.

Looking back, there is easily $50,000+ they ‘wish they had back’ IF they only knew then, what they know today.

They will show you how to AVOID the expensive mistakes they made, minimize the frustration, get you focused on what is important, and on the ‘quickest path to revenue’!

This content in these videos can take your business to the next level.

Natalie and Brooks (her business partner) are going to walk you step by step through all aspects of their business.  The value of the videos is that you can pause, rewind, and replay thing so that you can do it yourself for YOUR business.

Topics discussed during the Business Builder Workshop:

Branding – Present a clear message to your clients and boost sales!

Social Media – Get your message out there so you can find new leads and make money!

SEO – Learn the ‘time hacks’ to easily allow people to Google you!

Lead Capture – On day 2 Natalie will reveal how she easily converts over 34% of all visitors to her email list!

Building an Email list – If you don’t have a list, you can’t generate revenue.  We’ll reveal how to do this!

Software to run your business – Did you know that there are just 3 pieces of software that do 80% of your work?  Find out what they are!

Automation – Discover the best methods to free your time up so you can spend time doing things you love!

Facebook Advertising – The best way to run low-priced ads is on Facebook.  Get Natalie’s tips and tricks to save you money and time!

E-Books – What is the best way to write a book that pulls you in thousands of dollars while helping your fans out?  Find out on Day 1!

Membership Sites – Did you know the best way to make passive income online is to offer a membership site?

Sales vs. Marketing – One of these will make you tens of thousands of dollars, the other won’t.  Do you know the difference?

Affiliates – Imagine having a blueprint to creating a team of salespeople who make you money?  We’ll give you our step-by-step process!

Defining your Market – If you have the best product, but go after the wrong market your business is dead.  Let us help you avoid that!

Security – Your website is your best asset.  Discover the best strategies for keeping it safe from web prowlers!

Themes – What is the best website theme to convert visitors to clients?  Natalie will reveal all!

To Outsource or not? – If you outsource the wrong way you can miss deadlines and go bankrupt.  Let us help you avoid that!

Sales Pages – This is where your business thrives, or fails.  Get Natalie’s step-by-step process for creating sales pages that convert visitors to buyers!

and more!

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Get The Business Builder Workshop Videos And Take YOUR Brand & Business to the Next Level!

This was a highly sought after workshop where participants paid between $1997 and higher depending on the level of access to Natalie & Brooks during the weekend.

You get 10+ hours of professionally edited video and screen recordings to not only help you create, refine, and define your brand; but you will learn how to IMPLEMENT as well.

For a limited time, you can order the video of the workshop for ONLY $497 See special savings!

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30 day Money Back Guarantee!  If after watching all the videos and doing the work, you don’t feel you got any value from it, just let us know where we fell short and we will give you a full refund.

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