Decide Nourish Move

Natalie Jill Presents... A Complilation of Short Articles Designed to Help You Take Your Health and Happiness to the NEXT LEVEL! Are you ready to be your BEST YOU?

If so, Natalie Jill can help you DECIDE by getting your mind right.  She can help you NOURISH your body with proper nutrition, and she can help you MOVE to be functionally fit and active!

Decide Nourish MoveI have compiled over 350+ pages of all my BEST articles, tips and info…and put them into one complete book for you!

Decide Nourish Move by Natalie Jill

Topics Include:

DECIDING to overcome obstacles

Learning how to NOURISH your life

How to effectively MOVE your body

How to COMMIT to change

Decide, Nourish and Move with me, Natalie Jill!


Decide Nourish Move


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To Your Health and Fitness,

Natalie Jill

Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist
and Functional Fitness Trainer


Natalie Jill does it again! Her no BS approach pulls you through her latest e-book from start to finish! She calls BS on fads and “fluffy feel good no work” approaches to lifestyle change and permanent weight loss. Her extensive knowledge is obvious throughout and she weaves tips and hints throughout the book. She tells you EXACTLY what you need to know to get where you want to be! She even addresses the obstacles YOU might use as an excuse to get started on a road to the new you BEFORE you can even lean on them for a reason for WHY you can’t do what needs to be done!

She EDUCATES you and she puts YOU in charge of what you want to do with all this information. IF YOU ARE READY for a NEW LIFE, NEW BODY, or a NEW PERSPECTIVE – THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU! Over 200 pages (yes, I printed it out and read every single one) of the best information I have EVER seen in one place. Natalie Jill “lovingly” pulls you on to the mat and tells you exactly like it is! She addresses issues like sweeteners, integrating healthy eating with children, GMO, soy products, detoxing, cleanses and much more!

She motivates with an entire section on real-life transformations from people who have “been there, done that” and finally found a way to a better life. And, like all things Natalie Jill she INSPIRES through her words, examples and stories. Natalie Jill is on your side, she wants to help you, and like she always says, “The Choice Is Yours!” I HIGHLY recommend you take it!

I would make this e-book required reading for all my clients who have a list of reasons for why not, clearly – ANYONE CAN!

Jennifer Sparks, Certified Personal Trainer & Life Coach Swiftkick Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

If you guys love Natalie’s blogs you absolutely have to get this!

I love reading it and when she says EDUCATED, MOTIVATED & INSPIRED boy is she right!

Thanks Natalie! You Rock Girl!

Mercedes Moebuis of MM Wellness Solutions


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