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Hi, I am Natalie Jill and last year I released the Stay Lean Recipes II recipe book featuring Chef Lisi’s scrumptious recipes’ and it was a HUGE success…

This year I decided to to make this one even bigger and better then Vol II.

In fact this volume is a whopping 249 pages. Whew!!!! This time we included more recipes then ever before and…

Stay Lean Recipes 3 (III) now includes 2 complete meal plans you can follow. One for both those looking to lose weight and the other for athletes.

So no matter what your current health and fitness goals are, you’re covered.

For those of you who may not know, I have NOT had gluten in over 14 years since being diagnosed with Celiac Sprue.

I am a HUGE fan of an unprocessed food diet which is NATURALLY gluten free.

I am a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist who has helped tens of thousands of people across the globe lose weight and keep it off. The healthy way.


With over 85 recipes to mix and match from you’ll never get bored of the same boring meal day after day.

No matter what you’re craving, or what time of day it is, there is a quick and easy meal for you to choose from!

5 Sections for Quick and Easy Reference

(15)  Breakfast Meals
(17)  Main Course Meals
(21)  Vegetables and Side Dishes
(15)  Delicious Desserts
(20) Extras (Desserts, salads, sauces and more)

Tips and Charts

As an added bonus we’ve included some baking tips to help you out.

Learn which items are interchangeable and which ones are not.

Learn how to use herbs correctly to get maximum flavor and taste from your foods.

Also included is a nice conversion chart in the book so you can convert between cups, fluid ounces, tablespoons, teaspoons and milliliters. This is such a great time saver.




Yes! You read that right!  I am including 2 sample meal plans with SLRIII

One dedicated for those looking to “Lose Weight” and the other dedicated for “Athletes.” 

So no matter what your health and fitness goals are… we’ve got you covered with both of these options.

They are both full one week meal plans that you can print and place right on your fridge for easy access.

See sample meal plans below…






Stay-Lean-Recipes-III---Printer-FriendlyThese recipes have been laid out in 5 main sections: Breakfasts, Main Course Meals, Vegetables and Side Dishes and everyone’s favorite… Snacks or Desserts (one of my favs is the Spicy Brownie with Coconut Frosting!!). We’ve also included an “extra’s” section with even more goodies to choose from.

Each recipe comes with a complete list of ingredients to use, directions to follow, professional full color mouth watering photos of finished meals. We’ve even included the prep and cook times for each recipe so you can plan your meals accordingly.

In case you were wondering the recipes and meal plans are printer friendly. So feel free to print these out and place on your fridge and or your fav recipe book for quick reference.


Chef Lisi ParsonsWell she’s back and has been busier then ever behind the scenes working on creating a whole new batch of super healthy and tasty meals anyone can make and feel great.

My recipes are always 100% Gluten Free and full of flavor. Chef Lisi definitely knows how pour on the flavor when it comes to your taste buds.

Now you can learn how to make all your healthy dishes taste amazing and free of gluten, soy, grains and peanuts.

I call this book the “Unprocessed Food Diet” because once you learn how create these dishes you’ll never miss processed foods again. These recipes are packed with energy and full of flavor.


Lisi was one of my first transformation stories when I launched the Jump Start Program (more on that later). In addition to her new love of healthy living, she discovered a knack and love for healthy recipes!

She would send me recipe ideas periodically that I would try and share. This is what motivated me to create Stay Lean Recipe Volume II. This book was such a success I knew I had to bring Chef Lisi Parson’s back for a Stay Lean Recipes III Book.

Just have a look at her amazing transformation below. I am always so proud to see when people take action with my products and get results! Lisi’s continues to inspire and motivate others month after month and best of all she’s follows all the recipes outlined in SLRIII.




Here’s a quick recap of what’s included inside Natalie Jill’s Stay Lean Recipes 3 :

  • Learn the Benefits of Why Eating a Gluten Free, Paleo/Primal Lifestyle, Even If You Are Not Gluten Intolerant or Celiac.

  • Learn How to Structure Your Daily Meals

  • Learn What Foods Are Best For Your Pre-Workout Meals

  • Learn What Meals Are Best For Post-Workout Meals

  • Over 85 Recipes You Can Mix and Match

  • Quick and Easy Access to Recipes from Meal Plans (clickable links)

  • Receive A Complete List of “Approved Foods” You Can Eat

  • Receive A Complete List of Foods That Are “Off Limits”

  • Helpful Tips on Cooking and Use of Herbs and Spices


  • A Sample Meal Plan For Those Looking to “Lose Weight”

  • A Sample Meal Plan For “Athletes” (Athletes require more fuel for their bodies)

Are You Ready to Get Started?


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Note: This is a digital download… Nothing is MAILED to you. This is an instant download you will receive a link to immediately after purchasing. Please download the Stay Lean Recipes III to a computer, not a phone.

NOTE: This is a digital download… Nothing is MAILED to you.

This is an instant download you will receive a link to immediately after purchasing. Please download to a computer, not a phone.

The materials and content contained in this program are for general health information only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment More


To Your Health and Fitness,

Natalie Jill
Licensed Sports Nutritionist
and Certified Personal Trainer



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