12 Week Super Shred

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Discover How To... Take Your Body To A Whole New Level In Just 12 Weeks


Look, I’m not here to give you a hard sales pitch and make all sorts of wild claims. The claims I make here are not hype.

These are facts. If you follow this program as it is outlined, you WILL absolutely get the results you’re after.

And you will wake up with your ideal physique staring back at you in the mirror just 12 weeks from now.

This is the distillation of my decades of training experience, and it represents the most effective methods of training and nutrition for rapid body transformation you will ever encounter.

Again, I am not trying to hype this up to sell

This is a simple fact. Over the last decade, I’ve seen, read, and done everything literally every school of training and nutrition in existence (even the most ridiculous and extreme stuff you can imagine). During that time, I’ve done some of the most ridiculous and extreme stuff you can imagine in terms of how I was eating and how I was training, and I made lots of mistakes.

In the process of that decade of studying and training with some of the top trainers and nutrition experts in the world, I found something very valuable in today’s world that is filled with so much conflicting information from so many self-proclaimed “experts.” I’ve found WHAT REALLY WORKS and what doesn’t.

This program is the distillation of all of that decade of study and experimentation, stripped of everything that doesn’t work and all the lessons I learned in the process so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

This program represents the combined knowledge of the world’s foremost experts on exercise and nutrition designing you the ULTIMATE FAT LOSS PROGRAM to completely transform your body over the next 12 weeks..

My Unique Methodology of “Cyclical Nutrient Timing” Stokes your Metabolism and Flips your Hormonal Switches for Burning Fat and Building Muscle At The Same Time

  • How to supercharge your training and nutrition to maximize insulin sensitivity and train your body to put the nutrients you eat INTO YOUR MUSCLE CELLS and pull calories OUT OF FAT CELLS. (This is the way to escape the CALORIES-IN vs CALORIES OUT model and put fat loss on autopilot!)

  • How to use a nutrient-timing trick unlike anything you’ve seen before to amplify fat burning power, while actually eating at or above your maintenance caloric levels almost every day.

  • Discover why cardio as you know it is DEAD, and get a cardio blueprint for maximal fat loss in minimal time.

  • Understand the difference between “working out” and TRAINING so that you can stop wasting your time in the gym like everyone else, and get body transformation results far beyond what you ever thought possible.

  • How to use the training periodization system of elite athletes and apply it to your muscle-building and fat-burning program to bust through your current plateau and take your physique to the next level.

  • How to avoid the 4 most common pitfalls that virtually EVERYONE trying to lose weight falls into, and how to turn what would be your metabolic demise into the greatest assets in your fat loss arsenal.

  • A step-by-step blueprint to take you from where you are now, to your dream physique in the next 12 weeks.

HERE’S THE DEAL: A typical personal training session is $75-125 an hour, and I charge $165 for individual coaching sessions.

This entire program is the cost of ONE personal training session, but you get 12 weeks of training, and everything you need to succeed for ONE low price!

And I have many clients who happily pay me that price 3-4 times every single week.

This program and all of it’s components is an opportunity for you to obtain ALL that same knowledge I share with my clients – the knowledge to get you your IDEAL physique — for less than HALF of the price of a single personal training session.

What The 12 Week Super Shred Can Do For You...

Who Are Your Trainers?

Natalie Jill
Natalie Jill – Natalie helps people around the globe reach their health, fitness, life, and business goals. Natalie is a Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in weight loss coaching and helping people with food allergies and intolerance’s. Natalie was diagnosed as a celiac over 12 years ago, and this experience makes her well versed to help those with special nutrition needs. Natalie has helped 1000’s of people across the globe through her own website, products and one on one mentoring & coaching. Licensed Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer.
Brooks Hollan
Brooks Hollan – Brooks started swimming competitively at the age of six. By the time he was ten, he was ranked 4th in the nation and by the time he graduated from the Naval Academy he had qualified for the Olympic Trials and NCAA’s. This was just the beginning of his own ‘fit life’ journey! For him, swimming and the healthy lifestyle that accompanied the sport became a natural part of his day just like eating and sleeping. Those habits have continued and even been improved over time as technology and education have evolved. Brooks is a Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Corrective exercise specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer, Olympic Trials Qualifier – Swimming, US Naval Academy Graduate.


Ari Whitten
Ari Whitten – Born and raised in San Diego, California, Ari was initially exposed to fitness and resistance training while living in Japan training with the Japanese national karate team. He has been an elite soccer player and competitive martial artist for most of his life, and is currently an avid surfer and Muay Thai kickboxing practitioner. After discovering weight training at the age of 16, he began reading and studying any training related material he could get his hands on. This led Ari to formal academic studies in Exercise Science at San Diego State University where he received his B.S. in Kinesiology. He has advanced certifications from the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as both a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES). And he is currently in the final year of his Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program.

  • EVERY workout at your fingertips.. print them a day or a week at a time!
  • Designed so you can track your progress by filling in your sets and reps and making notes along the way!
  • No need to memorize or try to remember your day’s workout!
  • The PERFECT tool to keep you on track!

What's Exactly Included In This Program?

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To Your Health and Fitness,

Natalie Jill

Licensed Sports Nutritionist
and Certified Personal Trainer


  • Will this program be mailed to me?

  • No This program is a “digital” program only. You will receive both PDF and MP4 files only.

  • I don’t have a gym membership. Can I still do this from home?

  • YES, I’ve recently added a new “Home Workout Modifications Guide” for those of you that would like to do this program from home. You can do this at home if you have some WEIGHTS and ideally a BENCH, some dumbbells and maybe some resistance bands.

  • Can this program be done at the gym?

  • YES this program can be done at the gym.

  • What type of equipment do I need? Do I need anything special to start?

  • Many exercises only require your body weight, but it is recommended to have some home gym equipment, or access to a gym that has dumbbells, swiss balls, benches, etc

  • What is difference between the Women’s vs. Men’s 12 Week Super Shred?

  • The video demonstrations of all the exercises are the same for both, and much of the discussion of general principles of how to train and eat are very similar. The main difference is in the specifics of the set and rep schemes between the men’s and women’s training programs.

  • Does it include different foods/meals then the jump start and the 1 hour consult that we had?

  • It does include some different foods and eliminates some that are on the Jump Start plan.

  • Are the videos different then the ones we can see on your blog?

  • The videos are over 50 demo videos, NONE of these are on my blogs.

  • How soon can I get started?

  • You can get started as soon you complete and download your purchase.