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Take away the excuses with a “6 pack bag” cooler

It is all about convenience! The hardest part sometimes about staying committed to your healthy lifestyle is the food aspect. We know what we should eat and how frequently we need to eat but sometimes life gets in the way. Meetings run late, we get stuck in traffic, we are traveling or we are juggling to many things at one time and we just get off schedule.

Although I recommend always keeping approved “snacks” and easy to grab foods like protein bars, nuts, natural protein powder and shaker cups handy, sometime you just really want a REAL meal (like ME all of the time!


Here are some tips keep you on track with “real meals” 6 pack bag innovator

Prep Day: Pick a day of the week that is slower for you and replace your “watching television time” with cutting, preparing and storing.  This way, your fridge is stocked with ready to grab and eat meals!

This will make it easier to grab healthy meals in a pinch. At any give time I have loads of washed, cut up, easy to Natalie Jill 6 pack baggrab vegetables, fruits shrimp, chicken, etc…

Buy in Bulk. Purchase staples like frozen veggies, frozen fruit (I use this a LOT for quick smoothies), rice, chicken, and shrimp in BULK.

This way your freezer is full and if you are short on time when prep day arrives, you won’t necessarily need to hit the grocery store. It takes just a few minutes to defrost and prepare a healthy meal.

Purchase and use a ‘6 pack bag’.  I am HEAVILY dependent on mine. What I love most about mine is it has separate compartments for several meals and it keeps them HOT or COLD.

You can actually have hot and cold items in the cooler at the SAME time and they will maintain their temperature!

The 6 pack bag is perfect to keep in your car, bring on an airplane, or just bring to work each day. No refrigerator required! OH and their styles are SUPER cute!!! Check out my BRAND NEW innovator bag!

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