Beth Wauford

Beth Wauford

26 lbs GONE! This Mom of SIX is ROCKING IT! GO BETH! She did it and YOU can too! In Beth’s words:

“Until 2013 I was an avid runner & really didn’t struggle with my weight that much; but after a knee injury requiring surgery, I was never able to run at the level I did before. I tried Other diets/ programs but they really didn’t work for me b/c I always felt deprived, hungry & irritable. I also hate long, boring workouts in the gym & just could not stay committed. NJs programs were simple, easy to follow, quick, & you didn’t have to have any special equipment. In January I weighed in at 165. I followed the the 7 day Jump start eating & exercise plan & immediately began to see results. I felt better, had more energy, felt less bloated & in just a few days my clothes began to feel less constricting! I also used the Rev 4 DVD for workouts as well. The videos were awesome, only 10 minutes each…. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes to work out? Because you follow along with Natalie on the videos, it’s like she’s right there working out beside you. She’s constantly encouraging you throughout the entire video.

Before long I could tell that I was not only losing weight but I was becoming stronger & more toned as well. Friends & coworkers were constantly complimenting me & asking what I was doing to get in shape. I did have a couple of setbacks, my son was hospitalized for a few days & then I had a pretty bad car accident… Both incidents momentarily slowed my progress; but each time I got right back on track & quickly rebounded finding my “groove”. I can honestly say that this has become a lifestyle change. I no longer crave the sweets, fast foods, or junk food anymore. Nor do I feel deprived when someone eats a donut in front of me. I’ve learned that healthy food is good food & it is very satisfying. I now weigh 139 & I am able to wear all my favorite clothes again…all size 8!!! I know that I never could’ve done this without NJ, her programs & all the wonderful supporters I met! The entire NJ team rocks!

Go Beth! Thank you for sharing your story with us. You look AMAZING!

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