From Depressed to THRIVING! Total WEIGHT LOSS is 24.6 lbs and 29.5 inches GONE! Meet Yulanda! Everyone has different goals! Let’s encourage and empower each other to work hard to be their best self possible. Let’s be the positive person in someone’s day!

Mindset was the hardest and the most enjoyable piece of the program for me. I started the Full Body Reste in a deep dark hole of depression.

I was constantly eating out because I didn’t know how to cook and eating comfort foods was the norm and there was no limit to how much I was eating. It felt good eating in the moment, but every time self-disgust would shortly follow when I was done. It was a vicious cycle.

I had gained so much weight that I no longer recognized myself in the mirror. I wasn’t even able to look into people’s eyes when I talk to them because by then I had zero self-confidence. I was constantly in fear of judgement by how I looked because family and relatives would constantly make my weight a topic of discussion.

I came into the program with a lot of doubts: Can I do it? Can I measure up? Am I smart enough to comprehend the knowledge? Will I be able to adapt to the new eating and exercise habits? Can I sustain it? Will this program really work for me?

Once I determined my Driving Core Motivator, Visions and Goals it was easy to decide to commit because I had a strong “why” I was in this program and a strong vision where I wanted to go. After that it was just learning the mechanics of how to eat and exercise.

As I learned more about mindset I realized that trying to achieve perfection in all areas of my life hindered me instead of allowing me to grow. That was a big eye opener for me. I realized that I was molded to be a perfectionist by my father, teachers, the Chinese culture and eventually I expected that out of myself in every way. Every time I felt that I failed (meaning not achieving 100%) I beat myself up with negative self-talk. I never let myself off of my imaginary hook and I always dealt self-punishment to pay for the mistakes I made or the failure to do it perfectly.

I realized that I hindered myself from growing in so many areas of my life by being in the mode of “analysis paralysis”. I was so in fear of making mistakes that I spend all my time “preparing” and never “executing”. I am a completely different person. Mindset/perception is so important. It is the foundation to everything we think and do.

As I gained ground on learning how to eat I was able to create a momentum. I stuck with the basics because I was not a cook. I kept it simple and soon my bloat was gone, I could feel an increase in my energy, mental clarity, a drive that I haven’t felt for a long time, the confidence that I can do this and excitement to learn more.

Now, all I want to do is pour into others. That is literally how I truly feel. My cup is literally overflowing… I want each person struggling to hear the truth! YOU ARE CAPABLE, YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE VALUABLE, YOU ARE WORTH IT, YOU ARE MEANT TO BE GREAT, YOU ARE SMART, YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE USEFUL, YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER, YOU ARE NOT A QUITTER, YOU ARE MEANT FOR THIS!!”

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Natalie Minh
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