4 Week Jump Start Success! April’s Story

4 Week Jump Start Success! April’s Story

4 week jump start success!  April’s StoryWeight Loss Success- April's Story with Natalie Jill

It makes my day to receive stories like these! April had a tremendous success on 4 week jump start and she is now working towards STRONGER.

Meet April…After being an athlete and in great shape thru High School, April lead a sedentary lifestyle in college and slowly put on weight each year.

After graduation, she was unable to complete a 5k/3.1 mile race and decided something had to change. She began working out again and was physically strong, but her weight would not budge.

April completed my 4 week Jump Start and broke through her weight loss plateau. Down 7 pounds, too many inches to count, and back to the fit, athletic and healthy girl she was in high school!

College Weight Gain Sets In

In April’s Words:“I have been an athlete my whole life. I played softball and basketball throughout middle and high school, and I still play softball today! I did not play sports in college though and found myself much larger than I had ever been.  I am 5′ 10” and graduated high school in 2000 at 149 lbs with 14% body fat. By the end of my first semester in College, I was up to a whopping 180 and somewhere around 26% body fat! I also went from a size 7 to a 12, sometimes 14.

“When I grew out of the store American Eagle I decided that something had to change.”

It was crazy how fast that happened. I still worked out some in College, but other than playing ball and lifting weights, I wasn’t really sure how to actually workout. When I grew out of the sizes in the store, American Eagle I decided that something had to change. I would workout more throughout College, but I never could get down past 175, even though my stomach wasn’t that bad, my legs were and it bothered me…a lot. I continued along until September of 2008 when we had a Heart Walk and everyone in my Department wanted to run it. I thought, “I can run 3 miles”, well I sort of made it one mile and that was it, I had to walk the rest of the way.

When you stop feeling sorry for yourself, a new life can emerge

I finally began to stop feeling sorry for myself for being as out of shape as I was.  So began my new lifestyle of being more healthy. I still maintained my 175 lb weight, but ate “better” and looked better. I could also get back into a size 10, so in my mind I was just fine. In 2010 I had my daughter (which did not fit into my getting smaller lifestyle at all! But I love her so much and wouldn’t change it for the world!). Once I could, I got right back to it and shed some weight, dropping down to between 168 and 172 (I got up to 219 while I was pregnant).
Weight Loss Success- April's Story with Natalie Jill

In early 2012 I decided to give HIIT workouts a try and I did great, I lost about 3-4 pounds, and slimmed down to a size 8 and sometimes a 6 in skinny jeans. However, I still fluctuated about 4-8 pounds every day.

In my adult life I run 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and do Triathlons and Spartan races. I tell you all of the above to say I know what it is like to be fit (and work hard). I even got back there a bit recently, but still all I was doing was maintaining.

Success with Natalie Jill’s Jump Start

I found Natalie Jill on Facebook and have loved her programs, advice, and workouts ever since! I do a lot of those workouts already, but her food plans are what enticed me to try a program.  So, I began the 4 week Jump start program on August 8th. I started at 166.5 pounds and my waist dip was 30 inches, my lower abs were 35, and my hips at their widest point were 41.5. I also measured by thighs and each were 24 inches at their widest.

I was committed and ate only what was on the lists with an exception of taking my protein with 2% milk once a day in the morning. I cut bread, yellow cheese (my life!), potatoes, and sweet tea (I love in Mississippi…this one was hard!) I had immediate results! My now husband (We got married on August 29th this year) was amazed when he came home from working offshore. By our wedding I was 3 weeks into the program and had shed a consistent 6 to 7 pounds and many inches! My wedding dress was tight when I bought it in April, but by the day of, it was loose!

Working towards Stronger

Once I finished the 4 week Jump Start  I immediately continued it for the next 3 weeks. Then, I came across the Stronger program and have been doing it now for about 3 weeks now (10 weeks now total on Natalie Jill programs). Here is where I am as of this morning: 159 pounds, dip in waist is 28.5 inches, lower abs are 33.5 inches, hips at the widest point are 40 inches! I haven’t been at 40 inches since high school (15 years). This has been my ultimate goal!
I always lose weight in my upper body first, but to actually see results in my legs has been amazing. I have lost most of the “extra” on the outside of my thighs and it feels great! I also just bought a pair of pants 2 weeks ago that are a 5/6! WHAT? I don’t plan to stop and I have incorporated new meals and a way of life with my family.

Weight Loss Success- April's Story with Natalie JillI want to THANK YOU for the motivation to keep me going. I don’t plan to stop and I have incorporated new meals and a way of life with my family. I look forward to more programs and hope that this story (though long) helps others want to get up and get out there too!”

Thank you April for sharing your journey! You DECIDED to make good choices, made a LIFESTYLE change …and look at you now!

WHO Wants to be NEXT?

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-Natalie Jill



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