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Welcome to my site! I am a
Midlife Fat Loss Expert And Creative Sales Strategist who helps women ReIgnite, ReDefine and ReBrand what aging has to mean!

I am part of the over 50 crowd myself,  changing conversations around age, potential and possibility! In addition to her Midlife Fat Loss Business,  I help high level founders, CEOs and Brands  skyrocket their sales through upleveling their unique relatable and compelling STORY, expanding their brand online, and fixing their sales process. I used the exact methods that I  teach to grow my globally recognized fat loss and fitness brand with well over 3 million social media followers worldwide, two best selling books, a top ranked podcast and recognition from Forbes and Greatist several  years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. 

It is my mission to help people reach their highest vision and potential in all levels of their life. I first became known for fat loss (which I simplify through a revolutionary trifecta transformation system in programs like my 7 Day Jump Start and my Total Body Thrive  ) But now, my FAVORITE thing to do is craft and uncover Personal Brand , Founder and Business STORIES to help them with Sales Conversions. I do this through Motivational Speaking, Working with Private Clients on Brand Story Expansion, and  interviewing ultra ‘NOW’ successful people for my top ranking  PODCAST

I am a Solution Finder who gets obsessed with helping people overcome their blind spots, excuses and creative blocks  to help them shift and THRIVE.

A little background about me?

I left a very successful career in corporate America teaching doctors how to brand themselves and sales reps how to sell. I thrived at this but quite frankly I got BORED. I wanted to reach more and create more and being stuck in corporate did not allow for that. So I left!

I leveraged the power of the internet and in a short amount of time and was able to help millions of people worldwide get in shape and evolve to their best selves.  In the process, I created a globally recognized brand and business with over three million social media followers worldwide and created an online business that has allowed me and my amazing Natalie Jill Fitness team to help hundreds of thousands across the globe kill the excess fat and F.A.T and ultimately transform their lives!

Today, after a decade of experience in crafting messaging and building, a new problem was brought to my attention. Successful founders, business owners, and personal brands were stuck uncovering, verbalizing, and communicating the gifts they knew they had inside.

Thus, I created the Brand Story Expansion method to help you uncover & craft your unique message which up-levels your story and turns your ideal clients into raving fans. All while finding new, untapped profit centers, which will quickly boost the bottom line.
My gift is pulling the messaging out of you (or your coaches and team) in such a way that you and your team will be crystal clear on your vision, your ideal client, and the next steps needed to attract them!

Natalie Jill Speaker Reel :

I became a National Best Selling Author in 2016

I created 5 best selling Body Weight Workout DVDs

And, I did not stop there. Although many see me as a fitness and nutrition expert, what they don’t know is that it is NOT just my workouts and nutrition help that helped so many achieve life changing radical transformations. It was a shift in their mindset which I have a knack for changing in people.  My true talent and purpose is to help others create, define, and reach their visions in record times.

For MEDIA inquires, my media sizzle reel is below

Natalie Jill’s Credentials

I hold a degree in Health and Human Performance from the University of Maryland. I am also a Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer. It is NOT my credentials that have built my career but rather my hunger for knowledge, inquisitive mind for understanding people, symptoms, disease and weight gain that launched my career. My experiences, ability to connect with the masses and knowledge of the online space is what grew my brand.

Natalie Jill specializes in weight loss, natural eating, functional fitness, goal achievement and brand building

Experiences and challenges can handicap us, or they can inspire us to find solutions and share the knowledge.  I have faced my own share of nutritional challenges. Here are some of the challenges that I have faced and learned from:

  • Diagnosed as having Celiac Sprue over a decade ago (full story HERE)
  • My maternal sister is a Type I diabetic (since the age of 3) More on this HERE
  • My father died at age 49 of a heart attack (full story HERE)
  • 2 of my grandparents died of cancer (one in his 40’s)
  • My daughter has a severe nut allergy
  • Auto immune diseases and Type II diabetes are prevalent throughout my family
  • I gained over 60 lbs while pregnant, hit a rock bottom depression after and transformed my body back through the right nutrition (more on this HERE)
  • I have overcome “irreversible” lower back pain through the right types of functional fitness training (More about this HERE)
  • I have suffered depression and re-built everything from scratch as an adult (more on this HERE)

ALL of these circumstances have helped me gain a tremendous hunger for learning more about how food impacts disease, symptoms, weight, allergies, intolerance and over all healthy.

BEFORE Natalie Jill Fitness

Prior to making Natalie Jill Fitness my full time career, I spent over 15 years in Medical Sales Leadership Roles: Regional Sales Director, Director of Sales Development, National Sales Manager Strategic Sales, National Sales and Education Training Manager, and Territory Manager. The commonality with my previous career and today’s, is my MAIN role is still to help with GOAL ACHIEVEMENT and helping others become their best THEM.

So now the partial FITNESS and Nutrition “resume”….

Television, Broadcasting and On Camera Experience (partial list, no particular order)

  • Prevention Magazine
  • Prevention Face of Fit Over 40 DVD series
  • Victoria’s Secret Sport Ambassador
  • The Doctors – CBS
  • Multiple Appearances on the Hallmark Channel- Home and Family
  • The 700 Club – CBN
  • The Better Show
  • ABC’s Sonoran Living
  • CBS Better Mornings Atlanta
  • Dr. Drew – Swole Patrol
  • Good Morning LaLa Land
  • NPR affiliate: The Mountain Life
  • The Million lb Mission
  • Multiple Appearances on DGTV with Donovan Green
  • The Urban Monk with Pedram Shojai
  • The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
  • Mindfullness Mode
  • Pop Sugar
  • The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson
  • So Money with Farnoosh Tarobi
  • The Virgin Diet lifestyle show with JJ virginNatalie Jill and Jillian Michaels
  • The Pursuit with Kelsey Humphreys
  • Burst Fit
  • Renegade Radio
  • Build Your Tribe with Chalene Johnson
  • Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner
  • Fit 2 Fat with Drew Manning
  • One Love Heroes
  • Program 100 Lead on Camera DVD Instructor
  • Running Twister Infomercial and DVD
  • KUSI Featured Fitness Expert: segments including “Abs After Childbirth- Can it Be Done?”
  • Multiple appearances on UT San Diego Prime Time Live – Featured Fitness Expert
  • The Power Reactor Infomercial
  • 7 time workout DVD lead
  • “Virtual Cross Training” Trainer, Trainer for “ABStoZen”Natalie Jill Hallmark Channel
  • Featured on Prozis Nutrition Ab workout show and Prozis Nutrition Fit Foods show with Rob Riches
  • On camera Host for Crazy Ace Productions, 212MVP and BODTV
  • Anchor and Host for IFBB Pro-World Masters (interviewed legends such as Lou Ferrigno and Ronnie Coleman)
  • Titlist Performance Golf workout video
  • Featured on “Kids eating healthy” for Radio Disney
  • “Fighting childhood obesity” Chat with Women
  • “Being a gluten free athlete” G-Freek radio
  • Featured Nutritionist on Real Talk for Women
  • Lead Nutritionist for Thrive with Confidence
  • Multiple Lionsgate Appearances
  • Dr. Steven Show Nutrition and Weight Loss Expert
  • Featured Nutrition expert for Livestrong
  • Featured on Nutritiouslife with Keri Glassman
  • Featured fitness expert for
  • On camera Fitness Personality for Demand Media Studio
  • Reality TV host for Art of Fitness
  • Jillian Michaels “Ripped in 30”
  • MIA Natalie JillFor the love of Money
  • Cheddar Life TV
  • The Model Health Show
  • Kerwin Raes Unstoppable
  • The Mountain Life
  • Athletic Nutrition
  • Home and Family
  • Just Jenny- Sirius XM

Public Speaking and Facilitator Engagements

  • **Personally trained extensively by Lisa Nichols (top female motivational speaker)
  • October 2022 : 3 Time speaker at Chalene Johnsons Marketing Impact Academy Live Event and in program professor
  • August 2022 Super Connector Media Speaker on Sales and Branding
  • April 2022 JJ Virgins Health Business Growth Conference Key Note Speaker for Mindshare on Sales and Branding
  • 2022 Amanda Tress Faster Way To Fat Loss Key Note on Sales Training/Branding and Business Building
  • 2022 Affiliate Summit West on Branding and Online Business Building
  • 2021 Chris and Lori Harder Fast Foundations Speaking on Branding and business building
  • IDEA Showcase, Speaker 2016, 2018
  • 4 Time Presenter at FMI Guild
  • Social Media Day San Diego 2 time presenter
  • IDEA Blogfest,  2015, 2018
  • Platinum Presenters in Dallas
  • Social Media Marketing World Event
  • Lewis Howes School of Greatness Live Event Presenter
  • ISAGENIX  University Speaker
  • Todd Durkin Event Speaker
  • Chris Harders For the Love of Money Live Event Speaker
  • Shanda Sumpters Marketing Mastery Speaker
  • Lorna Jane featured facilitator
  • FabLetics 5 year anniversary party featured facilitator
  • Heart Core Leadership (HCL5) Captain

Published Covers, Articles, Features, Spokesperson:

  • The Academy of Raw Foods feature
  • Betty Lou’s Inc. Print Ad
  • Beyond Fitness
  • Brit+Co: 20 Crazy Inspiring Fitness IG Stars to Motivate You
  • Boca Raton Observer
  • Bulu Box featured model and trainer
  • Bustle: The Top 10 Fitness YouTube Channels You Should Be Followin
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • Closer Weekly Features
  • Cooking Light Gluten Free feature
  • Cosmopolitan Online: 19 Fitness Stars Everyone is Following on Instagram
  • The Daily Mealenergize magazine
  • Earn Your Happy Podcast, guest
  • ENERGIZE magazine cover
  • Family Focus: Best Tricep exercises to get rid of flabby arms
  • Fit and Furious feature
  • Fit Gems Nation feature
  • Fitness Magazine
  • Fitness International print model
  • Fitness Model International feature Model of the month and talent of the year nominee
  • Fitness X Cover Model
  • Forbes Top Influencers
  • Genetic war
  • Glamour Magazine UK
  • Glam Today Cover Model
  • Greatist Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness
  • Hayhouse Radio
  • Health Magazine
  • Her Campus: Healthy Living Goodies
  • Huffington Post features
  • Impex Fitness Equipment model
  • Multiple Features
  • Innotech Today Magazine Feature
  • InStyle
  • Invertabod Brochure
  • Know How Business, Lifestyle Culinary Intelligence Cover and Feature

    Natalie Jill Hallmark Channel

  • The Leader
  • LA Times
  • Lebert Bars Spokesperson, Brand model
  • Long Island Women’s magazine
  • Marathons for Dummies Model
  • Marie Claire
  • Metro Fitness
  • MMA Fitness
  • MORE Magazine
  • Muscle & Fitness HERS Cover and Feature
  • Muscle & Fitness: 3o Hottest Female Trainers on Instagram
  • Muscle Mag Print model
  • Muscle and Performance Print Model
  • MuscleNog
  • Natural Health Magazine
  • New Beauty
  • OMG South Africa
  • OXYGEN Magazine
  • People Magazine
  • pHresh feature nutritionist
  • Power Performance Magazine
  • Prevention Magazine
  • Redbook Magazine UK
  • SaneBox Productivity Giants
  • SFM37_Cover
  • Shape Magazine
  • Shut up and Train
  • Social Magazine
  • Sporting Puebla Cover Model
  • SpryLiving
  • Stella Magazine: Telegraph Paper UK
  • Strong Fitness Magazine
  • Sunsplash swimwear
  • Trigger Point
  • The New Potato
  • The School of Greatness
  • University College Commercial and Print Model
  • U.S. NEWS and World Report
  • Victoria’s Secret Sport Ambassador
  • WebMD
  • Woman’s World Magazine
  • Women Around Town
  • Women of Balance
  • Women’s Running Magazine
  • World Physique Magazine Cover ModelNatalie Jill - Master Sports Nutritionist
  • Xtreme Athletes
  • Xtreme Lifestyle Magazine feature
  • YouQueen

Top 100 Podcast features

For a sampling of the TOP PODCAST I have been featured on go HERE
For the podcast that I developed and host go

Certifications, Training, and Awards:

  • Personally Coached on Speaker Training by Top motivational speaker Lisa Nichols
  • Bachelor of Science in Health and Human PerformanceNatalie Jill at Sonoran Living
  • Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified in Health Advocacy
  • Certified in Resistance Training
  • Certified in Fitness Evaluation
  • AMA Certified in Sales Training
  • AMA certified in Effective Executive Speaking
  • AMA certified in Sales Management
  • AMA certified in Sales Training
  • National Best Selling Author
  • Publishers Weekly Best Seller
  • USA Today Best Seller

Author/CreatorNatalie Jill fitness covers

National Best Selling Book 7 Day Jump Start – Unprocess Your Diet
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7 Day Jump Start Award Winning DVD series
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