Closer Weekly Feature! Rachel’s Weight Loss Success with 7 Day Jump Start

Closer Weekly Feature! Rachel’s Weight Loss Success with 7 Day Jump Start

Closer MagazineCloser Weekly Magazine features another weight loss success on Natalie Jill’s 7 Day Jump Start Program

Oh my gosh you guys!! So thrilled that my 7 day jump start program is featured this week once again in Closer Weekly magazine in the Weight Loss section!! Clean Food Crush Weight Loss Success

And, guess what! It is one of our favorite transformations! My friend, and amazing Clean Food Crush founder, Rachel!

Rachel tells Closer Weekly Magazine how “after giving birth to four kids, Rachel Maser hardly recognized herself — and decided she needed to make a big change to get her health back on track.”

Closer shares that the  35-year-old mom started doing research on weight loss programs online and started following our 7 Day Jump Start Program! a diet and fitness plan. After only a few months, Rachel lost 30 pounds!

“My entire family’s health has benefited from this change in my eating habits — and they have a much happier mother”, the Salt Lake City resident, who previously weighed 156 pounds, exclusively told Closer Weekly.

Read on to find out how Rachel successfully lost 30 pounds!

To find out how this now “fit” mom successfully lost the weight and turned her life around, read the feature interview in Closer Weekly HERE.

Weight Loss Wednesday! Mom of 4 lost 30 lbs!


Rachel, of Clean Food Crush, tells Closer weekly this about her life before weight loss:

“After giving birth to four babies within five years, I hardly recognized myself — my body had been though a lot! I used to think I was being a good mom by baking cookies almost every day, but my family and I were eating too many refined sugars and pre-packaged foods. I started to feel progressively worse, and worse — so I decided it was time for a change! In September 2012 I came across Natalie Jill’s Clean Eating meal plan. I saw her photos and read her story and realized she’s a mom, just like me. I thought if she can do it, so can I!”

GO RACHEL! Congratulations on your weight loss success, your CLOSER weekly feature and most importantly, on being Happy, Healthy and FIT!


To get the 7 Day Jump Start Program that Rachel followed GO HERE

To learn more about Rachel and Clean Food Crush go HERE

Be Happy… Be HEALTHY… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill




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