Jim R. – Lost over 60lbs!

Jim R. – Lost over 60lbs!

I have always heard “timing is everything” and it must be true. For some reason that only Facebook knows, some blog got shared with some fitness model in it.

I must admit the great looking trainer/model is what first captured my attention but after reading her blog regarding the proper nutrition and the hard work getting in shape was going to involve, Natalie Jill struck a chord with me. A no excuses, What it REALLY Means!” eat clean, work hard and sweat it off process was something I could do. The word diet just sent shivers up my back but Natalie seemed to concentrate more on what a person CAN eat, not what they cant eat.

She was offering so much information for free to people and seemed genuinely concerned. I bought herStay Lean recipes and it was GAME ON” Read the rest of Jims testimonial HERE.



Natalie Minh
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