Weight Loss Success- Michelle’s Story

Weight Loss Success- Michelle’s Story

Weight Loss Success- Michelle’s Story

WHO is NEXT? I am SO excited to share Michelle’s SUCCESS story.

Meet Michelle….Michelle tried EVERYTHING possible. After 15 years, she made a decision to commit to a lifestyle change.  She kept it simple and had amazing results! Here is Michelle’s story……

In Michelle’s words:

Tried all diet pills and plans possible

“I have been struggling with losing weight for years. I have tried all diet pills & plans possible. I chose Natalie Jill’s 7 Day Jump Start because of the simpleness of it. I started on January 12, 2015 and followed that for two weeks. After that, I purchased her 4 Week Program and continued to follow that.

“I needed someone to lay it out for me until my mind got it”!

I have had people tell me I needed to eat so much protein and so many carbs, but Natalie laid it out for me and told me what to eat and then gave a substitution list if I didn’t like it. This is what I needed; someone to lay it out for me until my mind got it.

34 lbs gone in three months

My mind finally got it and now I make conscious decisions on what I eat. It is ingrained in me, to make those decisions on my own and I have kept my 34 lbs off.

No more diets……’I made a lifestyle change’

People have asked me what diet I am on, and I respond by saying I am not on a diet- I made a lifestyle change.

It is so easy to follow and I am so HAPPY with this program. The exercise videos on YouTube and Facebook are so easy to follow and they do not take hours to do.

I have not felt this good about myself since before the birth of my 14 year old son. Thank you Natalie for helping to inspire me and so many people.

There you have it! She made good choices that became ingrained and part of her LIFESTYLE…and look at her now!



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Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach who helps woman Age In Reverse and level up their lives! Natalie Jill is the author of two best selling books "7 Day Jump Start- Unprocess Your Diet" and "Aging in Reverse" and has been recognized from Forbes and Greatist several years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. She is also the creator and host of the top ranking podcast Leveling Up Creating Everything from Nothing. . To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Facebook Profile.