26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack pinterest thumbnail26 years ago today my dad died. I was waiting tables and I got a call that would change my life forever. My heart broke and my world shattered that day. My dad was my world.

My life totally changed that day. I became a completely different person.

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack1I was 22, my brother 20 and my sister only 12. My mom became a young widow.

There was an autopsy and his arteries were severely clogged. His blood pressure had also been through the roof. It was a direct result of poor nutrition, stress and not working out. It was not an underlying genetic disease. It was not a rare heart issue. It was a poor diet, lack of activity and stress management and poor lifestyle choices. And… he died of a heart attack.

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack2He was only 49. I am almost 49 as I write this. He was my age.

We get to take care of ourselves not just for us, but for our loved ones. I miss my dad and I am sad that he will never know his 5 grandchildren. For years, I resented that he did not think it was important to change his lifestyle so he could be with us today. I know now he didn’t understand the consequences.

If your habits are self inducing life threatening diseases… STOP.

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack4

The formula is simple…

Move more, eat natural unprocessed foods, be more active than you are sedentary, stress less, be more present to life and make this a priority. This is not worth dying over.

And if you are doing self destructive things like smoking , well, you are being reckless with your life and your children may be writing this about you one day.

You may not care about your health but please don’t be selfish. Your decisions affect the lives of others. If you don’t know how to help yourself then ask for help.


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