5 Best Body Weight Exercises for Lower Body- VIDEO

5 Best Body Weight Exercises for Lower Body- VIDEO

You CAN get a GREAT lower body workout using your OWN body weight! When you do these exercises, concentrate on making them challenging for YOU. There is no magic rep or magic amount of time to do these for. You want to make sure that it is challenging for YOU.

The 5 Best Body Weight Exercises for Lower Body

Here is the run down of the exercises I shared in the video:

How to do a Glute Bridges:5 best lower body bodyweight exercises

I love these! You can do these anywhere with so many variations. They can be done on the floor, on a stability ball (more challenging) or if you’re feeling really aggressive, on a wall!  This exercise targets your hamstrings and glutes.  Essentially, glute bridges can be easier or harder depending on where you place your feet.  I don’t suggest any specific number of glute bridges, but I want you to feel it! To do these correct, lay down on your back, keep your core tight, squeeze your glutes and lift UP and lower back down slowly.

How to do a Round The World Lunge

For these, you will be in standing position. Working one leg at a time, take the lunge forward, to the side, diagonal and back. Repeat on the other side.

How to do a Standard Walking Lunge

This exercise is very beneficial, but you need to remember to keep your knee right above your heel. Make sure you’re not feeling any discomfort in your joints. You can add hand weights or lunge on an uphill or incline on a treadmill to make it more challenging.

How to do a Donkey Kick

5 best body weight exercises

Many people think this exercise is so “80’s” but I love it!  You will start out on your forearms, your knees at a 90 degree angle, lift one leg up to hip level and push up. You can control mentally, how hard you want to make this. This exercise really targets your hamstrings and glutes. One thing to think about… imagine you have a 15 pound weight placed on your hamstring and you’re pushing it up.

How to do Jump Squats

This is a controlled movement that really focuses on your legs and glutes, but if you have bad joint problems, I wouldn’t recommend this particular exercise. Start in standing position, squat down, tap your fingers on the ground and jump up, and swing your arms up high.



-Natalie Jill

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