6 Pack Abs Stability Ball Workout – VIDEO

6 Pack Abs Stability Ball Workout – VIDEO

6 Pack Abs Stability Ball Workout

Going after Defined Abs!! This time with a stability ball! I am sharing more of my favorite exercises for defined abs using just your own bodyweight and a stability ball! There are no magic number of repetitions or sets; just do what is intense for you! I always recommend starting with a minute, take a mini break and repeat it as many times as you can or want!

Before you get started, make sure your stability ball is size appropriate for you! The key thing to remember is always focus on that core, keeping your abs in tight.

6 pack mission exercise #1 – Roll outs with a stability ball

6 Pack Mission Defined Abs

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Start in standing position, place your hands down on the ball, and slowly using those abs, walk the ball out so that your forearms are resting on it. HOLD for a few seconds and bring it back.

6 pack mission exercise #2- HOLDS with a stability ball

You’re going to do your basic roll out, but once you are on your forearms, you are going slowly going to pulse the ball in and out.

6 pack mission exercise #3 – Tucks with stability ball

You are going to get in push up position with your shins on the ball. Tuck the ball all the way in (your knees should almost touch your chest), push it all the way back out as far as you can so that your thighs are on the ball and your arms are fully elongated. Repeat.

6 pack mission exercise #4 – Pikes with a stability ball

This is very similar to exercise #3, but a little more advanced. You are going to start in push up position with your shins on the ball.  Then, you are going to lift your hips up, pulling the ball into a pike position, as your toes roll to the top of the ball and then push it all the way back out.

Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be Fit!

– Natalie Jill

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