Are You Stuck in the Pain Cycle?

Are You Stuck in the Pain Cycle?

Are You Stuck in the Pain Cycle?

Natalie Jill Are You Stuck in the Pain Cycle?The PAIN cycle…. are you stuck there? It’s brutal when you are IN it…
It works like this:
You have PAIN: maybe from an injury, imbalance, something else…

Thinking about moving your body, doing that workout, etc… makes you think of the pain so you avoid it.

You feel bad about yourself BECAUSE of the pain stopping you from being active…

So you DON’T move your body
You sit more
You EAT MORE not nutritious foods and empty calories.
You hydrate less.
You gain unhealthy weight and you STAY in pain…

Makes sense logically that because of the “pain” you can’t.


An auto immune disease, almost 50 AND three major injuries in the last year. I KNOW PAIN. And I KNOW the psychological desire to ACCEPT the best excuses, give up and be stuck.

AND I also know busting through the pain cycle is the only option to GET out of pain to turn things around.

What does that mean? How do you do this?

Assuming medically you CAN move- your doctor says you CAN you do… you MOVE ANYWAYS. Moving, getting your body going may not “feel amazing” but on the other side of moving through it is some relief. MOVE ANYWAY. For instance, when my disc ruptured and was removed, my surgeon said “you will not make things WORSE” by working out. I just might feel the pain. That’s when I knew it was time to toughen up to get to the other side. I refused to let the PAIN win.

You do WHAT YOU CAN from where you are… maybe you can’t quite RUN so you walk… maybe you can’t lift heavy so you do body weight… you look for alternative solutions. When I tore my bicep I walked. When I broke my foot I made friends with upper body work. DO WHAT YOU CAN AND STOP LETTING THE EXCUSE WIN.

EAT for healing and for anti inflammation (what I teach in

HYDRATE a lot more.

The only way out may be through… pain sucks but you are tougher than that. Do not let the pain cycle win…


Natalie Jill

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Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a leading Fat Loss Expert and high-performance coach. She helps you change the conversation around age, potential, pain and possibility. She does this through a SIMPLE and FUN unique method that you can find in her best-selling books, top-rated podcasts, interactive programs and coaching sessions. As a 50-year-old female, she KNOWS the struggles and pain that can come with aging! She takes the guesswork away and help you kill the F.A.T. (False Assumed Truths) holding you back from achieving your goals. To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Facebook Profile, Tiktok, and Instagram.