Back Fat Attack Exercises – Video

Back Fat Attack Exercises – Video

Back Fat Attack! Lets go!

It happens. You put your bra on and “stuff” comes out of your bra strap, a little out of the back, a little to the side. So unpleasant right? In this video, I share four exercises, using just your own bodyweight, that will help attack the bra strap fat!

Although you cannot spot reduce an area, you can drastically change the appearance by developing muscles in those areas and lose fat through diet and training.

Back Fat Attack Exercise #1 SwimmersBra Strap Fat

Take arms out in front of you, pushing back and around, imagining treading through some water, pushing against resistance.

Back Fat Attack Exercise #2 Hitch Hikers

Open up your chest, thumbs up and squeeze back and forth, really focusing on your deltoids.

Back Fat Attack Exercise #3 Wide Punches

Go “Muhammed Ali” all up in here! In boxing terms, this would be similar to a “jab cross”. I want you to take that arm and punch it out in front of you and to the side. Try wide punches and when you extend that punch, engage your back muscles.

Bat Fat Attack Exercise #4 Arm Lifts

This is similar to a shoulder raise. You will want to plant yourself against a wall, walk your feet out so your knees are at a 90 degree angle and raise your arms up and down. On your way down, don’t let your elbows drop below your shoulders.

I always say, there is no magic number of repetitions or a set number of minutes to do these exercises; I always want you to do what’s challenging for you! If you need a place to start, let’s go with one minute of each exercise (with proper) form, take a break and repeat the sequence through one more time!

Remember, diet plays a HUGE role in weight loss and the way your body looks.

“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!”

Natalie Jill

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