Beginner method to learn a chin up

Beginner method to learn a chin up

Beginner method to learn a chin up.

The number one exercise I suggest to tone up, increase strength, tone and confidence? MASTERING a chin up or pull up. It is functional, it is intense and being able to LIFT your own body weight could even SAVE your life.

Before you stop reading and carry the thought that you can’t learn to do one, YOU CAN! At ANY age, at ANY level, at ANY strength. It is ALL about the progression into mastering one and being CONSISTENT with the practice!

So… HERE is the beginner method to learn a chin up.. Turn up the volume!

In the above video I walk through with you exactly how to do a pull up or chin-up.

Step One to learning a chin up

Take a lowered squat rack, put your feet out in front and use that to practice the pull up motion. Do not have access to a squat rack? No worries! You can take to the park and find one there or you can use something like a LEBERT Equalizer Bar, which I love because you can take them anywhere and you can place them anywhere in or around your house.

Regardless, it is the  same idea whether it’s a lowered squat rack or the LEBERT Equalizer.

Step Two to learning a chin up

Put your feet out in front, which makes it a lot easier and you’ll work on that chin up or pull up motion until you’ve mastered it on the lower angle. Work to lift yourself up from this lowered angle. Work towards ONE and one you master that keep going! Work up to 12 without a break before moving to step three. You can practice these every day until you master the 12!

Step Three to learning a chin up

The next step is to take it to an actual chin up bar. Now I’m slowing down this video to show you what’s happening here, but the first step is just a hold and hang and work towards even one. Even the act of working towards one is going to create that strength and help you get stronger towards it.

Step Four to learning a chin up

Once you’ve mastered one, you’ll work on your pace. Can you do Two? Three? Four? And can you vary up the pace? Working on those. Now, practicing this every day, whether it’s just hanging or practicing to work towards one or increasing it, is going to help you get stronger at these.

Now, once you’ve actually mastered it, then you can play with things like different hand grip or even an L sit where you’re going to put your legs out in front, which is going to challenge your core even more and be even more challenging to change your body.

You’ve got this!

Decide you will learn

DECLARE you will learn

Take ACTION and be consistent with your practice and you will master this!

You are not too old and it is not too late!

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