Being a girly girl

Being a girly girl

Being a Girly “Girl”

I Love Twirly Girly Dresses! And, as a little girl I was taught to hide all things “feminine” I was a girl in the 70’s and it was the time of the trend to fight into gender equality and being more masculine. Being girly was “dated” and being a tom boy was cool.

Being a girly girl pinterest thumbnailMy dad, with good “intentions” used to hold a mirror up to me when I was crying and tell me to stop being so girly and acting like a baby. I learned that crying equaled weak.

The PE teachers would say “don’t hit the ball like a girl.”

In college and entering the work force I was told that to show feelings was to be weak. I became a “bitch” in the corporate workforce. It worked for measurable results but not for life.

At 48 I have learned so much. I know the importance of being vulnerable, not being so tough all the time and the importance and being your authentic self. I still fight the beliefs I grew up with.

I know now it’s ok to be a “girl”, it’s powerful to show emotions and that it’s not weak to be feminine.

So go ahead- tell me I’m too “girly” I LOVE IT.

Being your authentic self makes everything shine brighter…my authentic self is that girly girl 🙂

X0 Natalie Jill




Natalie Jill

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