Going For Your GOALS Can Feel Super Overwhelming And Confusing… UNLESS It Is Simplified For You…

Apply for DVA (Decide Vision Action) and watch your vision become a reality over the next ten weeks!

Apply for DVA (Decide Vision Action) and watch your vision become a reality over the next ten weeks!

If you are the type of person who has KNOWN you are meant to make a bigger impact, attract better clients, and grow your reach but you have felt that something just is not working then you may be in the exact right place right now!

In DVA you get the intimate small group coaching help without the one on one price!

You are a strong candidate for this if:

  • You KNOW it’s possible to generate so much more income from your brand and/or social media outlet but just need that coach and a blueprint ( I will give you mine when we work together!) .
  • You are the type of person who believes it’s possible to launch an idea or a project on a whim — knowing nothing — BUT you get hung up on the “how” and wonder how others do this so fast!
  • You are potentially interested in helping other brands and products you LOVE get more exposure but you are not quite sure how to attract those and negotiate a brand endorsement deal.
  • You know you have a powerful STORY to share but would love help crafting it, telling it and getting it out on Podcast, Media channels and more!
  • You are very good at sharing what you love and what you are good at BUT you know deep down you could and should be charging more for your valuable knowledge but you need help with this critical sales piece!

Before I even built a brand I studied SALES for 20 years! I was super successful in sales, became a sales director and then ultimately a sales trainer! I have built multiple 7 figure businesses from NOTHING that have helped hundreds of thousands of people step into a better version of themselves. I launched a podcast in 1 week knowing nothing and built to top podcast that has continually stayed in the top 50 of self help and attracted some of the most sought after guest.

I wrote two best selling books and got them in stores everywhere! I have brands on my waiting list to fit into my promo schedule and attract great brand partners monthly! I’ve been on the cover of 13 magazines ALL in my FORTIES. These were tremendous in helping with brand exposure and attracting more clients! I KNOW how to help you grow in your niche, expand your BRAND AND help you attract your PERFECT client!

I have been taking one on one clients for quite some time to help them grow THEIR brand and business but now it is YOUR turn! I am taking a group of 30 of you through the EXACT method I have used in my own multiple successful businesses and with clients so that YOU can get radical results. Over the next ten weeks you will get SUPER clear on your vision, we will figure out exactly what has been holding you back from getting massive results and I will give you the exact simple to follow formula with a lot of coaching to get you there!

The next step APPLY…. After reviewing your application for this select group if I feel I can help YOU we will be reaching out do a free strategy session to see if you are a match!



You may have come to my website because you saw the “Fitness and Nutrition Natalie Jill” BUT there is a HUGE passion of mine you don’t see on my social media and that is the strategizing, coaching and empowering side! Whatever your goal is, I bring years of personal development, psychology, story telling, sales, marketing , connecting and branding experience to the table.I help friends with this (I can’t help it!) I speak frequently on stage and to masterminds about these topics and have taught this for years and years in corporate America. I won’t ever stop sharing fitness and nutrition (I promise!) with you BUT I do also speak, teach and consult with clients in the personal development, sales, marketing, and branding space.

You may be my ideal client if you are a female who knows you are meant for more and feel like the world is not seeing your gifts to in their fullest potential (yet). If you are the type of person who has had success in other areas but are struggling with that one big goal and are ready to master that then this may be a match. I like action takers and power house women who are ready to claim their power.   I am an interruption, and someone who will hold you to your vision. I typically work with clients on a 12 week sprint and I only take 4 clients per quarter so that I can be truly invested in you.

If we work together I also open up my network of connections to you to help you with all of your goals. Because I  go ALL IN with those I commit to work with in this space. Those who work with me do not fail so be ready! We go deep, we go fast and we get results. If this speaks to you , fill out the application, get on my waitlist and let’s chat. Fill out the application here

Coach With My Husband Brooks Or A Combination Of Him And Me

If you are the type of person who deep down, you KNOW you have greatness inside. You KNOW you are destined for big things.BUT one or a couple of these things keep showing up… Like, you keep researching and learning…Yet taking the action is STILL uncomfortable…So you go back to “learn more” to make the discomfort go away.

  • More books…
  • More podcasts…
  • More courses…
  • More events…
  • More masterminds…
  • More of whatever it is that distracts you and keeps you from taking action.
  • But at this point, you ‘know’ a TON…
  • But there is STILL this invisible force that keeps you from acting on it.

You call it perfectionism, and when you get it ‘perfect’, THEN you will be ready! It has been years now, and still no action in sight.Maybe you self sabotage or maybe you are like my husband Brooks used to be… you have the uncanny ability to do everything BUT what you know you need to do then BROOKS may be the perfect coach for YOU! Brooks and I grew NatalieJillFitness from the ground up TOGETHER. We work very well as a team. I bring the quick start, urgency, branding expertise and creative side, and Brooks brings the implementation, high level strategy and helps uncover what is holding you back from taking those necessary actions. By filling out our application HERE as thoroughly as possible we can best gauge which one of us can better help you. Sometimes it is me, sometimes him, other times it is a combination of us both.

Brand Awareness- Get Your Message Out To The World And Generate Sales

Maybe you are not interested in coaching or strategy help BUT you want to get your brand out there. My husband Brooks and I work with a handful of brands each year to help pull their story and create unique content to get their message and products out to the world. We start this process with  an  initial strategy call to understand your sales goals and vision and then if we think we can help, we will create a  unique plan  , messaging and content to share with our audiences through my various platforms. If it is not something that would be relatable or beneficial to my audience we will introduce you to influencers who this would be for. I only personally share products and services with my audience if I PERSONALLY use and love your product and if I feel confident that it would benefit my audience.  If you are interested in this service and have a budget to work on this message us at [email protected] (I am sorry but we do not do product or service trades for this)


Coaching Client Jacquelyn

Business And Branding Client Amy Ramsey


My FAVORITE thing to do is small group coaching and retreats! These are for woman only and I pair groups together that have similar breakthroughs to experience and similar goals! These groups are intense, fun, and life changing. If you are Interested in applying or learning more about our Small Group Coaching and Retreats apply HERE Our Next Live Retreat is in San Diego on the weekend of November 6th-8th 2020

Your Last Stop For FAT LOSS HELP

If fat loss and health is what you are after, and if one on one coaching is not in the cards for you right now, then  my most COMPLETE program is my Full Body Reset. This program is the BEST of what I have for simplifying fat loss for radical results. You get a complete community, all questions answered and learn everything you need to know for changing your STATE, Planning your PLATE and ultimately learning to lose and LOVE your weight! Learn more about the Full Body Reset HERE


There just aren’t enough hours in the day to take all of the one on one coaching clients that I would LIKE to. If social media and branding help is what you are looking for, I have put together these additional great tools to help you simplify things!

Pinfinity 2.O

Learn how to use connector platforms LIKE Pinterest to grow your brand, your business, and ALL your social media accounts in this online video program!

In this program I cover sales 101, branding, how to build your social media and how to maximize your content across all social media platforms in minimal time.

This program will take your business and social media to the next level.  I will show you exactly how I  generated over $30k with a Pinterest Challenge, and how I uses connector platforms to grow ALL of my social media.   Learn more HERE or click on the image!

***NOTE this program has not been updated in a few years. Much of the information is still very relevant. Because we have not updated it in a few years it is discounted greatly right now.

Business Builder Workshop Videos

Get the INSIDE scoop on all aspects of Natalie’s business!  From defining and creating your brand, to communicating that on social media, to capturing emails, building your list, creating programs, automation, Facebook ads, MONETIZING your brand, and much much more.

Professionally filmed video and screen capture makes it EASY to follow along.   Learn more HERE, or by clicking the image.

***NOTE this program has not been updated in a few years. Much of the information is still very relevant. Because we have not updated it in a few years it is discounted greatly right now. It was once $2000 and is now just $300