Aging in reverse, leveling up your LIFE and Going for your personal GOALS can feel super overwhelming and confusing… UNLESS it is simplified for you…



You may have come to my website because you saw the “Fitness and Nutrition Natalie Jill” BUT there is a HUGE passion of mine you don’t see on my social media and that is the coaching and empowering side! Whatever your goal is, I bring years of personal development, psychology, sales, marketing and branding experience to the table. I help friends with this (I can’t help it!) I speak frequently on stage and to masterminds about these topics and have taught this for years and years in corporate America. I won’t ever stop sharing fitness and nutrition (I promise!) with you BUT I do also speak, teach and consult with clients in the personal development, sales, marketing, and branding space.

I go ALL IN with those I commit to work with in this space. Those who work with me do not fail so be ready! I am taking a small amount of clients in this space right now. Is this for you? You know we may be a good match if you are ready to LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE and go all in for RADICAL RESULTS. I take a limited amount of coaching clients each year. If this speaks to you let’s chat. Message me at [email protected] subject line “Biz Consulting with NJ” and we will send you an application.



My FAVORITE thing to do is small group coaching and retreats! These are for woman only and I pair groups together that have similar breakthroughs to experience and similar goals! These groups are intense, fun, and life changing. If you are Interested in applying or learning more about our Small Group Coaching and Retreats apply HERE


Your Last Stop for FAT LOSS HELP

If fat loss and health is what you are after, my most COMPLETE program is my Full Body Reset. This program is the BEST of what I have for simplifying fat loss for radical results. You get a complete community, all questions answered and learn everything you need to know for changing your STATE, Planning your PLATE and ultimately learning to lose and LOVE your weight! Learn more about the Full Body Reset HERE



There just aren’t enough hours in the day to take all of the one on one coaching clients that I would LIKE to. If social media and branding help is what you are looking for, I have put together these additional great tools to help you simplify things!


Pinfinity 2.o

Learn how to use connector platforms LIKE Pinterest to grow your brand, your business, and ALL your social media accounts in this online video program!

In this program I cover sales 101, branding, how to build your social media and how to maximize your content across all social media platforms in minimal time.

This program will take your business and social media to the next level.  I will show you exactly how I  generated over $30k with a Pinterest Challenge, and how I uses connector platforms to grow ALL of my social media.   Learn more HERE or click on the image!

Pinfinity2 logo


SNAP Academy

Think Snapchat is just for ‘kids’?  WRONG!  Discover how easy it is to use this platform that lets you connect with people like NEVER before!

But doesn’t Snapchat disappear after you watch it or 24 hours??  Yes, it does!  BUT in this online academy, we will show you the breakthrough method of re-using and re-purposing your Snapchat content for continued value over time!

Plus, it is the most FUN to use social media out there!   Learn more HERE or click on the image!

snap academy logo


Business Builder Workshop Videos

Get the INSIDE scoop on all aspects of Natalie’s business!  From defining and creating your brand, to communicating that on social media, to capturing emails, building your list, creating programs, automation, Facebook ads, MONETIZING your brand, and much much more.

Professionally filmed video and screen capture makes it EASY to follow along.   Learn more HERE, or by clicking the image.

workshop video logo