A Tale of Two Friends

A Tale of Two Friends

A Tale of Two Friends


I filmed this months ago on the way to an 80s party. It was before the virus, quarantine, social distancing, masks & before we entered a civil war in our country which has divided so many friends.

A Tale of Two Friends pinterest thumbnailAllyson Allyson Byrd and I were meant to meet and become friends. When she left TX for CA she moved in with me for 2 months to recalibrate her health and inspire a physical revolution for her body.

She joked with me that she was my “only Black friend” (um not true) but she is a brutally honest (and intentionally disruptive) friend. Meaning she will always tell me EXACTLY how she sees things without holding back.

Our friendship grew while helping each other – I helped her with her health, she helped me with business, She taught me “soul food”, I taught her that kind of goodness is a special TREAT. I taught her to force her own vision, she taught me to be a better story teller and to tell a better story for my life, my business and my audience.

We enjoy so many girl talks. Just fun girl talks that go on for hours. We consider each other family. Throughout conversations and our shares, I shared beliefs I held for 48 years ALL with the right intentions. Things like:

  • “I don’t see color bc everyone is the same”
  • “There is no such things as white privilege, most do not come from money and do not have easy lives”
  • She listened and then opened my mind in her uniquely inclusive and challenging style, she invited me to face my privilege.

Here is what I now understand because she cared enough about progress to have this discussion.

Saying and believing that we “don’t see color” is not ok and not actually true. I was shocked at this! I mean I was raised to not see color and to treat all humans the same. I thought it was the right thing to feel and say. I did not understand how offensive that could be to my Black friends. I know now that when we truly SEE PEOPLE we get to see their WHOLE self and that includes their history and their color.

I also learned from her that just being born with white skin gives many instant privilege. It has nothing to do with money, your circumstances, what you’ve been through… there’s privilege of just having white skin. Meaning their can be fewer stereotypes and judgement because of white skin color.

I want friends to come back together. I want all to be treated with the same dignity and respect regardless of their color and I want people to start having these real conversations with an open heart and mind.

In our “keeping it real” talks, Allyson has expanded and changed my perspective. I’m grateful that she cared so much about change to have these conversations with me.

We have a lot of confusion in our world when it comes to race. We need to stop.

There’s no confusion when it comes to equality and justice for all. My friend matters. Her Black skin matters. My love for her matters.

WE HAVE A FRIENDSHIP THAT CELEBRATES COLOR… I’m Jewish and she’s Black. The history of our ancestors brought us together in a world that wanted to keep us a part.

Today I celebrate her and her history.

For the first time in my life, I’m saying “Happy Juneteenth!” and declaring that I am anti-racist, pro-Black and I stand on the side of life that opposes injustice in all forms.


Natalie Jill



Natalie Jill

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