Do what YOU love, and create a legacy around it with Lewis Howes

Do what YOU love, and create a legacy around it with Lewis Howes

How to Create a Legacy Around What You Love to Do

Natalie Jill podcastI am so excited to share this announcement from my good friend Lewis Howes.

If you saw me on his podcast, The School of Greatness, a couple months ago, you remember that Lewis is an online business genius with a big heart…and an AMAZING story!

He overcame a lot to become an incredible athlete and now successful entrepreneur.  In addition to entrepreneurs and other successful people (hence the name of his podcast ‘School of Greatness’) he also brings health and fitness experts onto his show to help others. This is just one of the many reasons I love him.

Lewis also shares my passion for teaching others how to build a business and life around doing what they love via the amazing opportunities available online.

And he has spent this entire year creating an in-depth, rock solid program for people like you and me who care deeply about creating a long-lasting impact in the world.

Natalie Jill Lewis Howes LA book launchIt’s called Legacy, and it’s a course for people who have a BIG vision of where they want their business and brand to go. Because I am absolutely one of these people, I wanted to share the opportunity with you to get in on the first class of this program Lewis is opening up.

This course is unique because it covers so much more than just social media marketing or how to build an email list. It covers EVERY aspect of building your full brand, no matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re already a successful entrepreneur.

The entire program is designed to support you in creating a legacy — this means an impact that lasts for decades, not just a couple years.

I’ve seen the outline of the whole program and can honestly say it’s one of the most comprehensive and helpful courses I’ve ever seen. Lewis knows that the foundation of a brand is everything, so he starts with the deep questions of what really matters and then takes you through building every piece of the business, brand, design, audience, and support structure from there.

You can see all the details, get your questions answered, and enroll in Legacy HERE.

A quick word about why I think Lewis’ Legacy program is so worth JUMPING into —

When I was just starting out building my own platform and business (before I really knew what I was doing at all), I knew I wanted to do things the right way for the long-term. I was so passionate about getting fit and healthy and I wanted to share my insights with as many people as I could help.

It would have been AMAZING to have the guidance, resources, and community of other people like me while I built my brand. Thankfully, I did find my own way into a network of other incredible entrepreneurs and I learned along the way – but I can only imagine how many mistakes I could have avoided and how much second-guessing I could have saved myself if I’d been a part of something like Legacy.

The reason I know Lewis is the perfect person to build a program like this is because I’ve followed and seen the growth of his own business and brand over the years and I know he gets how to do it the right way.

Not only is he an incredibly popular podcast host and sought-after speaker, he’s also a NYT bestselling author, a 7 figure entrepreneur, and he still makes time to play team handball on the USA national team and take care of his body and health. So I know he has his priorities right.

What I especially admire about Lewis, that a lot of entrepreneurs in our space don’t get right, is that he plans and acts from a long-term vision — not a get rich quick perspective. He KNOWS how to build a brand and business that is creating a legacy effect.

If you’re looking to make a worthwhile investment in your own legacy and learn with one of the best in the business, I absolutely recommend getting in on Legacy. Lewis is one of the few people I really trust to refer you to.

Register HERE and get all the details.

Be Happy…  Be Healthy…  Be (financially) FIT!!!

-Natalie Jill  🙂



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