Nothing Better Than Crushing Legs

Nothing Better Than Crushing Legs

Crushing Legs…

There is no better feeling in the world…  Your stress is gone.  You have burned a ton of calories.  You feel powerful…even though you’re a little wobbly.  You have just finished crushing legs on LEG DAY!!!

The feeling after a hard leg workout is out of this world.  Have you ever experienced that feeling?  If you have, here is another idea to help change up your routine.  If you’ve never experienced that feeling, time to change that!  Read on…

My first rule for this particular leg workout is to workout with INTENSITY!  You should definitely break a sweat, be moving at a fast pace, and believe it or not…I want you to use light weights.  Even if you are a beginner, or just getting into fitness you can try this workout.  Don’t do this workout unless you want an effective, fat burning workout that is sure to make you a bit wobbly afterwards!

Crushing Legs . . . The Workout

1.  Donkey Kicks – 50 reps each leg – Lying on your hands and knees, one leg at a time do the old fashioned “donkey kicks”.

2.  Leg extensions – 25 reps – Pick a weight that you can do 25 reps but make sure it gets challenging at the 15 mark. You should be pushing yourself here! Keep the tempo consistent, and controlled…feel the burn in the quads…and don’t let the weight SLAM your legs back!  Explode on the extension, and control the contraction.

3.  Hamstring curls – 25 reps – Same as above. Pick a weight amount that is challenging but that you can do 25 reps. 15-25 should be hard. Keep the tempo consistent and controlled.

4.  Plie squats –  25 reps – Form is important here. Standing, with your feet shoulder width apart, point your toes outward. Hold a weight in your hands and plea squat down. Do 25 of these at tempo. They should be challenging and burn at 25.

5.  Round the world 4-Point Lunges – Alternating legs, 10 on each leg (each round of 4 is ONE rep). No weights for this one!

6.  Jump Rope for 2 minutes – This is where you will really get your heart rate up! Have fun with this. Jump rope  or mimic jumping if you don’t have a rope. The goal is to keep your heart rate up!

REPEAT all of the exercises above 3-4 times...and THEN you are through!

Excuses or Solutions…YOU Decide!

Natalie Jill

Working out is very important but unless your nutrition is on point your hard work will not show. For help losing weight, leaning out and increasing your energy via nutrition  look HERE for women, HERE for men and HERE for vegans.

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