Deciding Leads to Success – Interview with Wellness Warriors

Deciding Leads to Success – Interview with Wellness Warriors

How Making Choices and Deciding Leads to Success…How to find success in weight loss, business success, and recovering from rock bottom

I was fortunate enough to have collaborated with Sickbubble on a Huffington Post article not too long ago titled 5 Mainstream Health Myths Exposed by Top Experts. There was a lot of good information there from a lot of leaders in the industry. But, Roman and I recently did a follow-up and wanted to bring you an in-person interview on Wellness Warriors touching on many other health topics as well. Below you will find a few questions and answers that I think you will consider helpful and might help YOU learn how DECIDING leads to SUCCESS! Much more was covered in our two part interview so take a look!

Q: What is the most sabotaging health myth you wish the mainstream world had not been exposed to entering into 2016? 

A: That diet foods are NOT good for us! Any time you replace FAT with FAT FREE, or SUGAR with SUGAR FREE, we end up with processed, chemical junk!

Q: Why do you think this has recently come to surface? Is it marketing jargon? 

Deciding Leads to SuccessA: Honestly, I think people are always just looking for a “quick fix” so we have gone the whole range of paleo, gluten-free, no carb, etc. You have to be vegan, or do this cleanse…and it’s these specifics that set people up for failure! However, the commonality in these extremes is that they are all based on real, unprocessed, natural food.  Take for instance, being paleo or vegan. It sounds extreme, but the people who do either of these right and healthy, are eating a whole food diet–real, natural things, that once grew. So really, it’s quite simple! This is why when I was writing my book Unprocess Your Diet, that I realized it wasn’t about extreme rules on what you can and cannot have. It’s really just about unprocessing your diet.

Q: I watched an interview of you recently where you said that instead of removing sugars from your diet, you would rather approach it with adding healthier food and healthier sugar options. So what I want to know is, is it okay that I have sugar from time to time because I am not that ideal fitness person! 

Deciding Leads to SuccessA: Everything in moderation is fine. It’s what you do 90% of the time that matters. It’s not what you do that one random Friday night or that one afternoon you were stressed and felt bad about yourself that is going to completely ruin your progress or derail you from success. It’s not about that! But what happens is that when we focus on all of the things that we can’t do, we are human, so we start obsessing over those things that we can’t do and we want it more than we ever thought we wanted it! How many times has someone had a blood  test in the morning and was told they can’t eat after midnight, and you never eat after midnight anyway, but now that someone told you can’t, you’re starving! Or if you’re in a three-hour meeting and not allowed to get up, how bad does everyone suddenly have to pee? SO, instead of looking at all of these things you CAN’T do, like you can’t have sugar, you can’t have carbs, you can’t have fat…let’s instead say, what are the things you should add MORE of into your life? Make more room for the good, and naturally, there is less room for the bad!

Q: Awesome, that brings me into the next question. I am an entrepreneur and a lot of the times I don’t have the money to eat healthily. Healthy food, a lot of times, is very expensive and there have been days where I have had to eat ramen noodles! So, what kind of solution would you offer to someone like me where money is of the essence and I am on a budget? 

Deciding Leads to SuccessA: It’s true — healthy processed food can be expensive for a good reason! When you want to process a food from all organic materials, the cost goes up! However, eating an unprocessed natural food diet, basic ingredients, is not expensive. Think about eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, proteins. The last I checked, an apple or a thing of chicken or a thing of tuna wasn’t much more than a pack of ramen? It’s not about let’s go do the MOST expensive unprocessed natural food diet. It’s about making the BEST choices you can in your current situation and shopping the outer parameters of the store when possible. Obviously, a fresh tuna is better than canned tuna, but a natural canned tuna is better than a pack of ramen. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t afford organic! Yes, organic is better than non-organic, but non-organic is better than McDonald’s!

Q: You’re right, it’s about making choices, your effort and your priorities. So my next question is a little personal. You mention your rock bottom, and honestly, that’s very close to my heart because I am personally just coming out of my rock bottom, where I was in this really horrible place just trying to succeed as an entrepreneur. So I guess what I really want to know is what happened? How did you get out of that rock bottom?  And was it the only one? Or did it manifest itself in different forms? 

Deciding Leads to SuccessA: Life has a funny way of throwing you times that you have to struggle through when there’s a bigger picture than us, that wants us to grasp what our next step is. I always say that rock bottom is that perfect place to rebuild because although no one wants to hit rock bottom, going through the process of it, really truly changes us and you start to look at things very differently! I’ve had a lot of pivotal moments in life where nothing is as it once appeared and it’s hard, it’s depressing, but working your way through it makes you a different person. So, yes, that was a big rock bottom for me, but I have definitely had other moments. But what I will say, is that I heard you say you’re trying to be an entrepreneur. You ARE an entrepreneur if you’re doing that….it’s not I’m TRYING, it’s I AM. And wanting to be a millionaire, is the wrong goal, because it’s very vague. Instead, find out what your strength is, do more of that, and look for more people that are attracted to that. When you do that, you build your own network and within that network, there is a problem to solve. When you solve that problem, you now have your business, product, and audience!

Q: Instant gratification is a real thing, and even for me, I’d be lying to say that I didn’t care what people think. I look for instant gratification and how much do you feel was mental for you? Sickbubble was started because of how important mental health was to me, but how much of getting out of your rock bottom mental health? 

Deciding Leads to SuccessA: Well, I would refer to mental health a lot of different ways, BUT, this time I had to commit to a different life. I DECIDED and if you look at any successful transformation in body, business, or relationships, people will say they “decided”. And deciding is totally a mental thing! Deciding comes first, always. The vision of what you want is also a mental thing! What happens, though, is with any success, you tend to get comfortable again once you reach it. We think that what always worked before will always work again…and then we lose focus…and this is when meditation plays a huge role and becomes important!

I hope that you found this helpful and perhaps even help you with how to find success! This was only part of part one! To learn more about what we had to share be sure to check out the two part interview!

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill

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