Do You Feel You Are Gaining Weight In “Certain Areas?”

Do You Feel You Are Gaining Weight In “Certain Areas?”

Do You Feel You Are Gaining Weight In “Certain Areas?”

Question for those of you in your 40s, 50s and beyond… do you feel you are gaining weight in “certain areas?” Kinda like out of no where?

This is for you if you have wondered what to do about the new areas of “interesting” fat deposits … like back of arms, lower belly or BACK!

It’s NOT in your head. This happens as we age.

Here is what we can do:

First… the bad news. We can’t “select” where we will lose fat.

But here is what you CAN DO

Lose overall fat through our nutrition changes, our workouts and upping our profession and intensity

Develop muscle in those areas. Not only will you burn more calories at rest if you have more muscle, but you will change the appearance of that area greatly. Muscle is more dense than fat and takes up less space pound for pound

If you read this far (most people don’t!) let me know.



Natalie Jill



Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill is a leading Fat Loss Expert and high-performance coach. She helps you change the conversation around age, potential, pain and possibility. She does this through a SIMPLE and FUN unique method that you can find in her best-selling books, top-rated podcasts, interactive programs and coaching sessions. As a 50-year-old female, she KNOWS the struggles and pain that can come with aging! She takes the guesswork away and help you kill the F.A.T. (False Assumed Truths) holding you back from achieving your goals. To know more about Natalie Jill, you can visit her Facebook Profile, Tiktok, and Instagram.