Does Juicing Make You Fat?

Does Juicing Make You Fat?

Does Juicing Make You Fat?

One of the questions I get asked frequently is, “Does juicing make you fat?!

Sooooo, I figured what better person to bring on to talk about juicing than the Green King himself, Drew Canole, who first introduced me to juicing several years ago!  Drew is the creator of an amazing on-the-go juice powder called Organifi.

What are we doing wrong when we juice?!

does juicing make you fat

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One of the biggest mistakes people make when juicing is not getting enough calories when doing a cleanse.

People do cleanses but they aren’t getting enough — so you see the side effects of hair loss, fatigue, and then bounce back to even worse than where they started before the cleanse.

Another mistake people make is juicing too much fruit. When you juice a lot of fruit, your insulin spikes. When your insulin spikes, whatever you ate WITH that insulin spike, gets stored away.

It’s important to limit how many times a day your insulin spikes, especially if you are interested in weight loss.

The third common mistake when it comes to juicing is buying store bought juices. The way the store bought juices are typically packaged, doesn’t hold the integrity of the nutrients. You often lose the aminos, enzymes and the vitamins.

Stay away from buying juices that are NOT pressed from a juicer and don’t expire within a couple of days!

Tips for how we should be juicing:

Three tips to help you juice successfully:does juicing make you fat

  1. Start small. Start with one juice a day — and make sure you do it because at 5-6 days, something magical starts to happen.
  2. Juice a lot of leafy greens!
  3. Make it easy on yourself with a portable product you can try like Organifi

I personally love to use a powder like Organifi because you can get an entire daily serving of greens in just one scoop (or packet)! Even though I love vegetables, it’s almost impossible to consume as many greens necessary to get my full daily serving, especially when on the road. I like greens because of the tremendous health benefits, and I like Organifi because of it’s taste and it’s convenience.


-Natalie Jill

Use coupon code NJFIT on Organifi’s site to SAVE!  Get your yummy Organifi greens HERE.  (***Organifi is ALWAYS organic & gmo-free!!)

Not sure you are ready yet, you can get some FREE samples of Organify (just pay a small Shipping and Handling fee).  That way you can see for yourself how great it tastes and how easy it is!

My husband LOVES Organifi as he doesn’t ‘eat’ his vegetables like I do.  These are PERFECT for travel, or when you are on the go.



Natalie Jill

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