My thoughts on Fat Burners & Energy Boosters

Fat Burners are temporary: I am asked frequently about “fat burners” and I am hesitant to suggest these. I feel that any supplement that promises to make you drop weight quickly without effort, or solve all of your hunger issues is concerning. Although many fat burners can work (temporarPre Workout Energyily), they must be combined with proper nutrition and working out.  If just relying on a pill or powder alone, the results will be temporary if they exist at all. Once you go off the “fat burner” supplement you typically regain your hunger and pack the pounds back on.

Fat burners can be dangerous

Some of the ingredients in fat burners are downright scary! There truly is NO substitute for healthy eating and intense exercise. If you absolutely MUST do a fat burner I highly suggest reading ingredients carefully so you understand EXACTLY what you are consuming. Make sure you understand what those ingredients do, the side effects and be very informed before adding them to your regimen. One ingredient specifically I caution people about is 1-3 dimethlamylamine it’s an amphetamine derivative, which happens to be banned by the World Anti Doping Agency. It’s effects are intense on the nervous system and there are NUMEROUS studies of severe adverse reactions to products containing it.

Energy enhancers and more natural supplements are a different story. I am supportive of supplements and vitamins that enhance your energy. It is important to recognize first that proper hydration, a well balanced nutrient dense diet,  intense and frequent workouts (no over-training) and getting plenty of rest come first. Those things are essential to feel energetic. You can not replace those with an energy supplement. If those things are in place, your energy should be fine on most days. It is also important to recognize that some of these energy enhancers and supplements such as the “Green Coffee Extract” many talk about lately are NOT meant to be a substitute for healthy eating and hard work. Basically, they won’t do the work FOR you but there ‘could’ be some benefits as an ADDITION.

What I do Pre Workout for Food and Energy

There may be a need to supplement some days. I do recognize that even with the best of intentions, our busy schedules, not so perfect nutrition sometimes, and stress can interfere with our energy on some days. Everyone, me included, has some days that they feel more sluggish. On these days I am comfortable having my clients consider energy enhancement supplements as long as they are as safe as a cup of coffee. For me, I do take some energy enhancements (or sometimes just drink a cup of green tea) so I can get MORE out of my workouts.

For those looking for an energy boost pre-workout- Natural vitamin drinks with some added caffeine and B vitamins can benefit you. It is amazing sometimes what the right combination of vitamins and caffeine can do for your mental focus and increased workout stamina. For those looking for this I do recommend a few natural energy drinks that I feel meet my standards with ingredients while providing an Energy boost.

My current favorite is E+ by Isagenix.

I like this one over ALL other energy drinks personally because it truly contains NOTHING artificial. Not even sucralose! AND it has no “crash” like most energy drinks do. e+ reduces the effects of fatigue with naturally-Isagenix e+sourced caffeine and a proprietary blend of adaptogenic botanicals. e+ contains no added sugars, artificial colors, sweeteners or flavoring found in other energy shots. Their proprietary, energy-boosting formula delivers:

  • A Quick energy boost that lasts for hours
  • A kick-start to your workout
  • Improved focus and physical performance
  • Clarity and alertness
  • A safe, effective and natural energy boost
  • Just 35 calories a shot
  • Boost metabolism

Isagenix® recommends drinking no more than two (2) bottles of e+ daily. Take it in the morning, during a mid-day crash or whenever mental and physical energy are low. e+ can also be effectively used for athletic workouts, while traveling and anytime an extra boost of energy is needed..

 Stimulant Free Energy Drinks:

For Energy Drinks without caffeine my personal favorite is AMPED Hydrate . This one has NO artificial sweeteners or colors colors and is 100% stimulant free. NO caffeine or other stimulants at all. It is made up of B2, B6, B9 and B12. It mixes super easy with water and taste GREAT. To learn more about AMPED Hydrate look HERE