Farm Raised vs Wild Caught

Farm Raised vs Wild Caught

**this blog was originally published on August 25, 2015 but was updated on January 26, 2016**

Farm Raised vs Wild Caught

Have you ever wondered about the fish you eat and where it comes from? Do you know the difference between Farm Raised vs Wild Caught?  You may want to watch this video and listen to my friend, Mareya Ibrahim explain the difference between wild caught and farm raised.

Farm Raised vs Wild CaughtFarm Raised Vs Wild Caught

Why Go Wild?

  • Nutrient content in wild fish is much higher than farm raised
    • Take salmon for example; it can be up to 30% more nutrient dense than farm raised
  • Difference in Nutritional quality
  • Difference in taste
  • Fish eat what they are supposed to, in the wild
  • Difference in color – Wild Caught is a beautiful rich, ruby red color vs Farm Raised is pale pink, sometimes with food coloring

What does it mean to be Farm Raised?

  • Farm raised is really about containing crop instead of going out and actually sourcing it and fishing for it
  • Farm raised fish live very closely together and are being fed in a contained environment

Other important factors to consider

  • Sometimes fish are being treated with different preservatives to help extend shelf life and keep it moist with a chemical called Tripolyphosphate. This preservative is used aggressively especially on fish coming from other countries because it’s delicate and has ability to dry out so you want to look for any seafood that’s been treated with Tripolyphosphate. Most of the time, it will not say on the ingredients if it’s been treated with this so you have to ask the person you are buying the fish from. That chemical will actually affect your nervous system so you want to avoid at all costs. You will find often find Tripolyphosphate in scallops and shrimps.
  • When fish has fishy smell, it probably hasn’t been cleaned or handled properly. You want your fish to smell clean or like the sea.

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