FMI Guild 2015 Fitness MBA Summit- COUPON

FMI Guild 2015 Fitness MBA Summit- COUPON

FMI Guild 2015 Fitness MBA Summit

For those of you interested in learning more about growing your own brand or business…read on! If that’s not you, go ahead and skip this all together and I will be back to my normal fitness posts shortly!

I have shared and talked about my GREAT FRIEND and sister from another mister Natalie Minh many times. There is so much I just LOVE about her! She has created many amazing things, but the non profit FMI Guild organization that she funds is simply a networking amazement!

Their mission is to connect, educate and create leaders who have a passion for Fitness, Health, and Wellness.

I will be a guest speaker the weekend of October 24th and would LOVE to meet you in Los Angeles!  I will be covering topics such as online branding and social media growth. Want to come meet me and listen in?

Special BONUS: Live event coupon code = NJFIT, $50 off.Natalie Jill Speaking on Branding and Social Media Growth

I will be speaking alongside some other powerhouses in the industry like my good friend, Keri Glassman and Natalie Minh!

Topics for the weekend are:

  • BRANDING: Present a Clear Message to Boost Sales
  • BUSINESS AUTOMATION: Learn How to Free Up Your Time
  • ONLINE TRAFFIC: Get More People to See Your Website
  • MORE CLIENTS: Best Client Recruitment Strategies
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS: How to Receive and Leverage Mass Media Opportunities
  • PASSIVE INCOME: Create Products that make Money while you Sleep!
  • PRO Fitness Photogs Onsite for Brand Building (OPTIONAL)
  • … and more!

You can register for the 7th Annual FMI Guild
HERE:  2015 Fitness MBA Summit.  Don’t forget to use the live event coupon code = NJFIT, $50 off.

What is the FMI Guild Fitness MBA Summit?

The FMI Guild Fitness MBA Summit is for people who are ready to STOP trading time for Money. You will learn how to grow your fitness business in the Digital World!

If you can’t attend the LIVE event, you can attend the 2015 Fitness MBA Summit via Live Stream Access

Does all this sound great, but you can’t make it to the summit? I’ve got you covered!  For the first time this year, we are offering Live Streaming access of the 7th Annual Fitness MBA Summit! Access only the lectures that interest you, or order the entire Summit’s live stream for a discounted price. Click here to register for [LIVE STREAM ACCESS]


You’ll be able to ask questions in the Chat room and have the opportunity to have your questions answered in real time.
Watch from any device and have access to the 10 day replay, post-event.

Speaking at FMI Fitness Summit

With my good friend, Natalie Minh, MS, MBA | CEO of FMI® Guild & Events

What’s FMI Guild?

The FMI Guild specializes in business education for Fitness Lifestyle Entrepreneurs.

These Entrepreneurial Types Can Be:

  • Fitness, Sports, and Wellness Professionals
  • Athletes
  • Sports Models
  • Fitness and Health Advocates

The Guild is for those who are almost (but not quite) satisfied with their incomes, careers, and lifestyle.

Hope to see you there!

If you’re ready to take your business game to the next level and join our once a year Mastermind LIVE event register HERE.

Special BONUS: Live event coupon code = NJFIT, $50 off.

Can’t make it but want access to the Livestream? Go HERE.


fmi guild 2015 coupon


“Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be Fit!”

-Natalie Jill




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