Glute Activation Booty Building Workout – video

Glute Activation Booty Building Workout – video

Glute Activation Booty Building Workout

Today we have a Glute Activation Booty Building Workout. You can do this workout from home, from the gym, or wherever! Even from a park! Just grab a bench or something sturdy enough to stand on and let’s get to work! It’s a full-time workout, so don’t just watch — do it with me.

glute activation booty building workout

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Glute Activation Booty Building Workout #1: Glute Bridge

Start on your back with your back on the edge of the bench. You can either cross your arms over your chest or have them open across the bench. When we do these glute bridges, you are going to drive through your booty and NOT swing through your back. Concentrate on pushing through your heels and keep your whole upper body working as one unit. Lower down and up and it’s okay if your toes come off the ground. Make sure to squeeze your booty and hamstrings as you work. With these its QUALITY over quantity. It’s okay to go slow!

Glute Activation Booty Building Workout #2: Side Step Ups 

For these we want to be sure we are concentrating on the leg that is stepping up. Step one leg up on to the bench, drive through that foot and raise your body. Then lower to tap town. Do not use the straight leg to push off — use your glute and hamstring of the leg on the bench to raise and lower yourself. Do whatever pace is comfortable for you but the key is to make sure you’re feeling it in your GLUTES and not your quads. Contrate and make sure you feel it where you’re supposed to. Do one side and then switch. You can always add weight if you need it, but make sure you are not compromising your form.

Glute Activation Booty Building Workout #3: Modified Donkey Kick

Place either your hands or forearms on the bench. Without swinging your leg, keep your core tight and drive your heel up with small controlled movements. Almost like you’re trying to push the ceiling up with your heels. Do one side and then switch.

Glute Activation Booty Building Workout #4: Split Squat 

Put one leg back on the bench, squeeze the glute on the base leg, and do a small up and down movement. Make sure you are isolating your glute where you can feel it working! Do NOT arch your back – this will cause strain on your lower back. Do one side and then switch.

That’s it! Small movements using your own bodyweight can work to challenge and progress your body! You just need to remember to do what is intense for you! If this isn’t hard enough, repeat it until you have done what is intense for you! 🙂

Be Happy… Be Healthy… Be FIT!

-Natalie Jill

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