“God is using you”

“God is using you”

“God is using you” Someone wrote that in my comments last night & I got chills. You see, I walked around unconscious for YEARS.

Living how I believed I was “supposed to”

✅ College check
✅ Job check
✅ Married check
✅ Baby check
✅ House check
✅ Pay bills check

I was doing life but I wasn’t living.

I believed when I lost my house, my credit, my body as I knew it, my husband, that I was having bad luck. I was a victim.

I blamed, I defended, I fought to get back control. That was my ego and the ego pays and fights at all cost.

I was forced into surrender and
I woke up to see it had happened FOR me to wake up, live and help others.

I built a successful biz & helped hundreds of thousands get healthy & somehow I started DOING life again.

✅ Business check
✅ New husband check
✅ Mom check
✅ Work- do- sleep- wake do do do and do more.

I was DOING life again not living

Things happen for us not TO us but when we are IN the tornado we don’t see it that way. We feel like a victim. We don’t get it. And that’s why it happens. To WAKE US the heck UP.

My business started to fail
My husband wanted to leave
I ruptured a disc
Age changed my body
Nothing was working right
The harder I fought the worse it all got. I believed I was too old and it was too late
My ego was back and it didn’t like what was going on one bit so it did what the ego does! It went into protection mode. Control.
The more I tried to control the more I lost control (control is an illusion)

Then I woke up AGAIN.

I was forced into surrender.

It is there – in surrender- that I saw it so clearly: that I am NOT too old and it is NOT too late. I saw this clearly. I felt it in my bones. In my being. I knew that with this awareness I’m JUST GETTING STARTED and that I get to show you that you are too.

We are not here to DO more , control everything and to preach and teach that. I tried. More times than you know. And… It didn’t work. Maybe you’ve tried too?

Control is an illusion it’s fake as 💩 It’s not authentic.It’s not living.

I am here to love, LIVE, learn and to be present. I want this for you.

I am being called by something much greater than me and I’m answering, feeling it and I’m taking it on.





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Liana Hunt
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