What is Group X Barre? – VIDEO

What is Group X Barre? – VIDEO

What is Group X Barre?

I was FOR SURE skeptical about this workout put after my friend Hannah Sansone from Full Potential put me through the moves, I have had a change of heart! These moves are challenging!

What is Group X Barre?

There are so many names for Barre Classes; Cardio Bar, Bar Method, Pure Barr, etc., but my guest and friend, Hannah Sansone is here to demonstrate some exercises that she often teaches in her Group X Barre Class. As with the majority of my workouts, this can be done in your home, with little or no equipment.

What do you need to do this workout?

I would suggest a pair of grippy socks (as it provides you with a little more traction) and a hard wood floor. If you don’t have grippy socks on hand, any regular pair will work; you just may slide a little bit more.

Exercise 1: The TUCKworkoutcard36GroupXBarre

If you don’t have access to a bar, try holding onto a mantle (above a fireplace) or a wall. Stand up tall and get on your tippy toes.  Bend knees, sink your seat (butt) down, keeping your heels high and your shoulders back and tuck that pelvis in or bring in your abdominal muscles.  It’s not about simply squeezing your glutes together, it’s about using a pelvic tilt to engage your core and tighten your seat.  Now, come down an inch and back up and repeat.  These are tiny, precise movements that are all forced to work together.  If you’re feeling balanced, try lifting your arms above your head, letting go of the mantle, wall or bar.

Exercise 2: Version of Table Top

Take it to the floor, down on all fours, keeping that spine nice and neutral.  Place a ball at the bend of one of your knees and lift toward the ceiling.  Keep your toe pointed and if you’re feeling especially strong, add a squeeze with the ball at the top.  Once you have that movement down, take that leg and travel out for two, back in for two and repeat. When you think you can’t do anymore, lift that ball up one last time, hold and squeeze.

Exercise 3: Diamond Tuck on Flat Back

Lie on your back, keeping your hands at your sides (or maybe even hold onto the mat).  Lift your legs up to about ¾ length and keep your toes together, knees out to the side, creating a diamond shape with your legs.  Start out with a little tuck engaging those lower abdominals.  When you feel like you’re ready to move on, straighten out your legs and bring them together, point your toes and lift those hips off the ground.


-Natalie Jill

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