Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

“Haters GONNA hate” and no one can change them

Haters Gonna Hate – Everyone at one time or another will be the victim of a hater. It happens when you least expect it. You are going along your day, feeling great, feeling proud, feeling happy about something you worked hard to accomplish. And then there is that one. A negative person that feels the need to say something mean. A personal attack on you.  That person is a hater.

No one is excluded from this experience. In fact, the harder you work to achieve something, the more haters you will encounter. Even the most positive, well intending individuals will deal with this.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for everyone to be liked and it is extremely tiring trying to please everyone. So, instead of giving haters the satisfaction of knocking you off your rocker, read this and feel sorry for them…

To all those who have experienced a HATER:

Here is what I know about haters: It is NEVER about you. It is about THEM. Haters like to hate because it makes THEM feel better to put YOU down. It makes them feel powerful, it gives them attention and they can hide behind their writing or words.

They typically don’t feel good about themselves. They are feeling down, feeling discouraged and have experienced failure themselves. Instead of asking for help they feel they need to put others down to make themselves feel better.

They gave up and instead of asking for help, they comfort themselves wanting to “believe” everyone else was “handed” their success or that others are “fraud”. It is always amazing the things they say… In the fitness world we get this a lot. In fact, the trainers and fitness personalities who try the hardest to share info with the masses are the ones most under attack! –  “She is airbrushed” “He is on steroids”, “She cheated” really? If it was THAT easy we would all sit around eating bon-bons , skip the gym, take a drug, and purchase photo shop!

Haters typically don’t have many friends in a different ‘place’ than they are. Misery loves company, and company provides ‘security’, so ‘hating’ never gets Haters Gonna Hateold. Feel sorry for haters instead of hating back.

 AND, my advise to all of the haters out there:

What? You don’t like how I categorized you above? Really? Shocking! Now you know how those who work HARD and earn our successes feel when you accuse us of cheating or taking short cuts!  Seriously, what gives you the right to put down others? Who made you the authority on others successes? Instead of hating, try complimenting and asking for help. It is amazing how good it actually feels to give someone a compliment. Not only does it make them feel great about something they work hard for, it makes them want to help YOU if you will let them.

My message to you is you can hate, accuse, blame, and gossip. It won’t change the fact that your hating will drive others further to prove themselves and accomplish their goals even more. While you wasting time “hating” the ones you are “hating on” are working even harder.

Natalie Jill


Excuses or Solutions…YOU decide!

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Natalie Jill

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