How Expansion Kills Boredom

How Expansion Kills Boredom

How Expansion kills boredom…

EXPANSION is my word for 2022… what’s yours?

Why I chose EXPANSION…

I am more creative, healthier, happier , connected and present when I experience NEW things.

New places
New activities
New challenges
New coaching
New friendships

I want more of that. When I went through my calendar from 2021 I only found 22 “new” experiences I had had. 22 out of 365 days?

Maybe it’s being 50 but I’m hungry for it. More experiences, more joy, more creativity, more LIVING and being truly PRESENT.

When sharing some of my BUSINESS blocks with my coach, she gave me the assignment of creating more of these experiences.

Being the “quick start personality” that I am (hey my KOLBE is a 3393!) I decided to commit to expansion every single day for 30 days.

What does that mean to ME?

It means EVERY DAY no matter what I expand!

No matter how busy I am (this will be a stretch as it’s a super busy time for me) , I will do one thing every single day that I do not normally do.

Some will be huge things, some will be super simple, but every day for 30 days I’m taking this on.

I started yesterday. This is me in Julian DAY ONE- I have lived in San Diego for 17 years or so and had never been!

The drive was epic. The time with my husband priceless.
And the town and the DELICIOUS meal we had there was incredible.

Our current thoughts, actions and habits brought us to EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE NOW.

If we keep doing what we’ve always done we will keep getting what we always got (those of you starting my total body thrive today will totally KNOW this in your bones soon!)

OHHHH and I will post most days what I’m doing but if that takes away from being present in the activity I may skip that post!

What’s your word this year?



Natalie Jill

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