How To Be Accountable

How To Be Accountable

How to be Accountable

Accountability is the topic! Talking about how to be accountable and what Excuses Vs. Solutions truly means.

Excuses or solutions: you decide

How to be accountable with Natalie Jill

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My initial slogan was ‘excuses or solutions: you decide’, because we all have excuses of why we can’t get things done but it is our choice to live in those excuses and convince others that those excuses are valid (because you can get validation for them), or we can start to look for solutions. [01:41]

When you validate excuses and live with them, nothing changes, ever! But when you’re looking for solutions to every problem on your path, everything starts to change. That’s what makes things happen. You’ve got to live in that solutions mindset. That goes along with the big topic of how to be accountable.

My legging storyHow to be accountable with Natalie Jill

A little while ago, I posted a picture on social media of some leggings from my friend Maria’s company. I’m obsessed with them, I just love them. She doesn’t pay me, I just want to make that clear.

So when I shared the picture someone wrote in the comments that they don’t have extra-large and that’s why fat people don’t work out. Those were her words, not mine. It upset me that she wrote that, because it’s not the apparel company’s fault that you don’t work out, that’s an excuse.

You don’t need fancy leggings to work out, that’s an excuse. You can work out in your sweatpants or shorts or even just a big flowing dress; just [03:02] stop blaming others, it is no one else’s fault. Please accept that. We all have things that we can blame people on and make excuses, but you’ve got to get out of that mindset because if you don’t; [03:20] nothing is going to change and secondly I’m not going to have you in my life! You have to learn how to be accountable. I love people that want to help themselves! Let’s look for solutions rather than excuses.

So that was my slogan, I don’t mean to be mean but encouraging.

Stop the blame game and be accountable. Honestly it might be harder and more challenging for you, it doesn’t matter if you’re blaming others because nothing is going to change.

The blame game has gone to stop!

“Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be FIT!”

-Natalie Jill



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At the end of this live broadcast I took a few Q&A’s from the audience. Below are some helpful FAQ’s that came from this broadcast:

Question: People are saying you can’t lose weight because you’re almost 40 because of your metabolism.

No that’s not true! I’m 44 myself, and yes it can get harder but you can always push through and become the best you. Patience is key. Patience patience patience! It doesn’t happen on the snap of the fingers, I agree with you on that.How to be accountable with Natalie Jill

Question: Some people play the blame game because they’re not happy.

I agree, I think people don’t even realize they’re doing the blame game. It has become so accepted that people look for validation with that. I made a decision a while ago that I wasn’t going to have people in my life that were in that excuse mindset, I wanted to be around positive people who empower others. Of course we all have a bad day, we’re all human, [09:25] but I like to have people around me that are in that positive mindset because it helps me stay creative and motivated and we empower each other.

We’re all like that with everybody that works with me in my business; we all have a positive mindset and have fun! When people message in about my programs, I can tell right away if it’s the right mindset for success; it has to be really accountable.

Ivy: How do I push my daughter in a positive way about her being overweight?

To be honest, you’ve got to stay out of it. I’m a mom too, I’m certainly not the best parental counselor but I do feel that our children’s body image and weight is their deal. We can be there if they have questions, but personally I don’t think we should comment on their bodies because we don’t know what’s going on with them and how they feel. We need to be their parents and be there for them, we can set healthy examples but I wouldn’t comment on their body.

[Related response: 11:58] Use the same approach with your boyfriend. You can talk from a genuine standpoint of being concerned and you can set examples, but I think it’s hard to just tell somebody, “Hey, I’m worried ‘cause you’re fat.” That’s not the right approach.

Question: When did you start your fitness training?

I was active my whole life, but I got way sidetracked several years ago when I went through my rock bottom. I share the story in my book, ‘The 7 Day Jump Start: Unprocess your Diet’ book. I started getting heavily into it about four years ago, that’s when I started getting programs out there to everybody.

Question : Is your book available to download?

Yes it is. If you go to my website, I’ve got 19 programs you can download. I have one full color copy book that’s going to be in bookstore everywhere on May 3rd – the one I’m most proud of – ‘The 7 Day Jump Start: Unprocess your Diet’. There is a kindle version of that if you want to do that. It is a recipe book with 84 full color recipes.

Questions: Where do I begin?

Begin by deciding, just decide first that you’re going to do it. My thing is always think addition, not subtraction: what can you add to your life daily? Could you walk more? Could you eat more healthy foods? Could you add more vegetables? Could you drink more water? Add in more positive people and groups, follow more positive social media accounts, download some positive podcasts – just [13:25] surround yourself with more of the good and make less room for the bad. My 7 Day Jump Start book is great for a start because I wrote it from the perspective of where I was (I was at rock bottom). I really take you through that plan, and you can get it from

How to be accountable with Natalie Jill Question: How do you start retaining more liquids?

Drink more water! It sounds funny, but the more you’re hydrated the less you’re putting you’re putting onto water. [14:25] Drink more water, drop the processed foods and that will help.

Question: Do I eat dairy?

I’m not a huge fan of dairy but I don’t stay away from it completely. Here’s what I do: I tend to have go cheese as my dairy. If I have other dairy it would be raw, that is, unpasteurized. I also use ghee, which is clarified butter. [15:07] You want to listen to your own body.

Question: Do you drink almond milk?

I don’t drink a lot of almond milk, I like coconut milk better. That’s my new favorite.













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