How To Do A Chin Up (or Pull Up) – video

How To Do A Chin Up (or Pull Up) – video

How To Do A Chin Up (or Pull Up)

Today we are going over how to do a chin up (or a pull up!) I always get asked “Should I use bands?” or “Should someone be assisting me?” or “Do I need to start by using weights?” or “What the heck do I need to do so I can do a chin up?!” I am here to share that you can learn to do one using your OWN bodyweight, without assistance, and can progress up to the real deal!

how to do a chin up

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How To Do A Chin Up (or Pull Up) Step 1: Start on a Low Bar.

You can use a squat rack if you want, but I like to use Lebert bars. Start on your back with your legs straight out in front of you (or bent if that is too hard) and pull yourself up to the bar. Repeat these dips. There are no magic numbers, just do what is challenging for you! Even if that means working toward just 1! The idea here is to progress. Once you are able to do several of these easily in a row you are able to advance to the big bar.

How To Do A Chin Up (or Pull Up) Step 2: Hang on High Bar.

The first step here is to just hang. Once you are able to hang, you are going to slowly try to work your way up. This might look like one inch at a time. That is okay! Anything is progression. Repetition of this will eventually get you to where you are able to do a complete chin up.

How To Do A Chin Up (or Pull Up) Step 3: Assisted High Bar.

If you are struggling still, try using something to rest your feet on to help you work toward the up and over motion. But make sure you are using your arms to lift as much as possible, and not your legs.

How To Do A Chin Up (or Pull Up) Step 4: Repetition.

Once you are able to successfully do one chin up on the big bar, keep working at increasing your repetitions.

Like always, do what is intense for YOU and you will see results.

Excuses or Solutions…YOU DECIDE!

-Natalie Jill

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